Saturday, May 25, 2013

Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you ever been in a car accident? Ever needed a Personal Injury Lawyer? With all the traveling I do, and that we do as a family, I am amazed and can say without a doubt that we have been blessed to never have been involved in a serious accident. The closest we ever came was about 16 or 17 years ago, when I was a young teenager and our family was taking a trip to Missouri. We headed out in the evening, and drove through the night to get a good head start on the trip from Florida to Missouri. About 11:00 at night, we were suddenly t-boned by a driver going well over the speed limit on the highway. The car that hit us just disappeared, so we drove to the next exit and called the police. 

When law enforcement arrived and we explained what had happened, they were amazed that there were no injuries. In fact, one of the officers stated that if our vehicle was not an older model Suburban (made of steel), I would probably have been killed or at least seriously injured. Our vehicle was totaled, but thankfully no one was hurt. 

Needless to say, after all the hundreds of thousands of miles we have driven in the past 10 years, I am very grateful we have never needed the services of a personal injury lawyer, but it is comforting to know there are lawyers ready to help those involved in a car crash or accident.


  1. Luckily I've never needed one of these, but good to know they are out there ready to help.

  2. Wow! Nowadays, we have to be ready for unexpected circumstances that our parents never dreamt will happen!