Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Skate Shoes For Summer!

Is everyone enjoying the warm weather? It finally seems to be here to stay for the summer, and we have wasted no time in getting outdoors for all kinds of sports and family fun. One of our regulars is volleyball, but we're enjoying everything from tennis, basketball, bike rides, family walks, and just about anything you can imagine doing outside. Everyone has a favorite summer sport or activity, and it's good to have the necessary gear for participation. For example, skateboarding can be done wearing just regular sneakers, but did you know there are actual skate shoes that are designed for use while skateboarding? For the longest time I never realized this, until J informed me some time ago. (Leave it to the teenager to teach the adult!).

Skates.Co.UK sent me a pair of DC Youth Block Net Skate Shoes for review. These are overall black with some really eye-catching lime green trim and laces, definitely some shoes that will stand out in a crowd. Perfect for M, who loves bright colors! I love the extra safety these provide for skateboarding. Because of the special design, the shoes feature an almost sticky outer sole that will help the rider maintain a good grip. The shoe upper is made with real leather, so these are certainly shoes that will last for a good long time-even with the wear and tear of skateboarding. 

We also discovered that these shoes are perfect for use on scooters too. M loves to ride a scooter, and again, these provide an ultra-tough grip. You don't have to worry about your child's foot slipping off the skateboard/scooter when wearing these skate shoes!
M doing the Mary Poppins stand :)

If you need a pair of skate shoes like these DC Shoes, or perhaps some roller blades or in-line skates for yourself or the kids this summer, why not check out Skates.Co.UK? They have great prices and super fast shipping (even coming from the UK, I was impressed with how fast our shoes arrived!). Of course they also have all kinds of skate gear, from boards, clothes,'s literally a skate superstore!

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  1. I love these skateboarding shoes. My son AND daughter would both love them. I think my oldest son who lives with his dad use to own a pair quite a few yrs ago lol