Saturday, May 11, 2013

InvisibleShield Protection for MacBook!

As you probably have realized if you've read my blog for any length of time, I am very particular about my MacBook. It has been in the shop twice in the past few weeks for repairs (first time in 4 years of hard use). Both times, I felt like I was missing something important-and I guess I honestly was, since I do so much work on it. Let me just say after using a Mac for 4 years, returning to a PC was a little strange, and made me very thankful to have my MacBook back! Anyways, when I was given the opportunity to choose an item to review from GearZap, a tech device accessory shop, I quickly spotted the perfect piece. GearZap sent me the InvisibleShield for MacBook Pro 15".

This is unlike the typical case you get for a laptop or MacBook, in that it is not a hard plastic case that snaps on and off your device. Instead, it is a clear film that is applied to the top, bottom, and wrist rest/track pad area of your Mac. While this does take longer to put on than a basic case, I believe it is well worth the few extra minutes. You literally peel the film off the backing, spray it down with the applicator spray, and then line it up on your MacBook. This is what takes time; making sure it is lined up properly, and then using the squeegee (included) to remove any air bubbles and such. Once on, you hardly even know it's there, because it is a clear plastic film that clings to the frame. Unlike the previous case I had on for protection, this adds no bulk or weight. 

You can't even tell there's a case/cover on!
You may not think a simple film cover is enough to protect your device, but this is military-grade, and will protect against scratches, oils and dust, etc. Watch this video to see just how strong it really is!

Check out GearZap for all your device accessory and MacBook case needs; they have something for everyone!

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  1. This looks like a clever product. I see they make it for your iPhone as well