Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun at Six Flags Over Texas!!

As you may have deduced from my sporadic posting on here lately, our family is traveling. Sort of a mini-vacation, and we're in one of my favorite places-Texas! We've already been through Dallas/Fort Worth area, Austin, and now are headed to western Texas. One of our more exciting stops was visiting Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington, TX. Not only was this our first visit here, but it was my first time to any Six Flags park!

I received complimentary tickets for myself and the 2 girls, so we made our plans for a full day at the park. Everyone was super excited about visiting; we love roller coasters, and SFOT boasts quite a few spectacular coasters! In fact, after arrival, our first 4 stops were at roller coasters. :)

Runaway Mountain is an indoor coaster that consists of a ride in entire darkness. I've always though these were neat, and this was no exception. I found it to be very mild; fun, but not one that would be too scary for young children. The Runaway Mine Train, another coaster at SFOT is also pretty mild, and good for children or people who don't care for the huge drops and loops (do such people really exist?!).

One of our favorite rides of the day was Pandemonium, a very unique coaster. What makes Pandemonium different from most other coasters is the spinning aspect. Each car literally spins 360 degrees as you fly through turns, helixes, and a camelback. This was super fun, and we were disappointed when it was closed for the rest of the day after our first ride. While it doesn't have the great big drops or any vertical loops, it is still enough of a thrill for any coaster fan, yet even the more timid children will enjoy it.

The Pandemonium track
Another ride M and I really enjoyed was Shock Wave-you guessed it, another coaster! The best part of Shock Wave is the back-to-back vertical loops, seriously my favorite part of the ride! This was only M's second time on a coaster that "goes upside down" and she loved it-even begged to ride again, which we did of course! 

Now, my favorite ride at Six Flags Over Texas, also took us the longest to actually get on. We waited in line for just over an hour, but it was totally worth the wait. The Texas Giant, a record-breaking wood coaster, is a must-ride for any coaster fan. With the steepest drop-79º-and the steepest bank-95º- of any wooden coaster, this is a roller coaster you don't want to miss! It is absolutely amazing! M and I both agreed it was the best coaster we were able to ride at SFOT. 

Another fun ride that the whole family will enjoy, is La Vibora-a bobsled experience! Sort of like a roller coaster, but instead of running on a track, it runs on a half-pipe that gives you the feeling of riding a bobsled. We all did this one several times!

The only disappointment we had during our visit, was that we didn't have time to make it to all the rides-especially all the roller coasters. We were especially looking forward to riding Mr. Freeze, but it was closed when we first checked, and the line was too long when we checked 45 minutes before closing. However, we now know where to head right away when we visit again!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Six Flags Over Texas; it seemed very family oriented, which is a biggie for me. We also took advantage of the 2013 Sport Bottle, which offers you free refills all day on the day of purchase. You can not beat this deal! We've been to other parks that don't have any sort of refillable cups, and you end up spending $30.00 or more just on drinks throughout the day! The dining options are reasonable (we shared a $5.00 platter of nachos, and it was huge!) and the drink deal especially is well worth the cost.

The girls loved the Freestyle machine!
Overall, I was very impressed with our first visit to Six Flags Over Texas, and can't wait for an opportunity to return!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. You all look so colorful in your fun tee shirts. Also, good idea about the sport bottle refills.