Monday, May 13, 2013

Food Trucks?

Have any of my readers ever grabbed lunch from a food truck? They are a pretty common sight in many larger cities, and even some small towns have a food truck. For example, during the summer when we get a lot of tourists coming through our small town (I'm talking really small-we don't even have a fast food restaurant in town) we have a truck that drives through town offering ice creams and frozen treats, as well as some other snacks. Not a meal truck, but still a food truck after all! 

Our family visits Chicago several times throughout the year, and this is where you can really see food trucks in action. Some of these trucks have lines longer than the regular restaurants along the street come lunch time! I don't recall ever trying one during our visits, but perhaps we should since they seem to be so popular. 

Of course, one place almost everyone has sampled food truck fare is at a carnival, fair, or even an amusement park. We will be visiting Six Flags Over Texas next week (yes, we are all vey excited!) and I am sure we will sample some of the finest Texas food truck meals!

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  1. I love the idea of food trucks and wish we lived in a big city where they seem to be on every street. Where we live there are a couple of trucks and they do really well.