Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Customize Your Look With eShakti Clothing!!

Are any of my readers familiar with eShakti? It's only one of my absolute favorite online shopping sites, because of one very unique aspect. Not only do they offer some of the most lovely, feminine clothing I've ever seen, but you can literally customize any piece to fit your style. If there's a skirt that you like, but prefer a longer hemline, eShakti can do it. Found the perfect blouse, but want shorter sleeves, or collar/neckline change? Yep, they can do that too! Literally every item on eShakti can be customized!

I was given the opportunity to choose an item from eShakti for review, and let me tell you-this was not an easy decision! There are literally so many pieces to choose from, and they're all so pretty! I finally picked a ruffled military-style jacket, and requested the long sleeves be shortened to 3/4 sleeve. After placing the order, I eagerly awaited my new top, and it wasn't long before it arrived. Upon opening the package, I was beyond pleased-the pictures of this top just don't do it justice. A gorgeous denim-colored chambray fabric, with a mandarin collar and ruffles that literally cascade down the front and around the back of the hem. Literally one of prettiest tops I own! It has a slightly military air, and this is added to by the lovely buttons. It is tailored as well, so it gives a nice slim fit. 

I wore this for the first time to a special event, and absolutely loved it! It is one of those pieces that doesn't just look nice on a hanger-when I donned the jacket it fit perfectly, and looked great. Paired with a dressy black skirt, it's great for those special evenings. Because of the lightweight fabric, it was nice and cool all evening, and I don't picture this being too hot to wear even during the summer months. eShakti has delivered once again, with this stunning jacket and their customization options!

Love the ruffled neckline!

The ruffles continue down the front...
...And around the back
The back of the neck is ruffled too


  1. I like that top on you. It looks really well made, and the ruffles give it just the right touch of feminine to go with the military look.

  2. That blouse is just gorgeous! I love unique clothing and eShakti has just what I love in blouses, my favorite is the Floral embellished tulle shirt!