Monday, May 6, 2013

Clothed For a Motorcycle Trip

Did you know that motorcyclists have unique clothing that they wear especially for riding their cycles? I knew that most bikers had jackets, and possibly chaps, but I didn't realize there were also specific biker vests. However, it does make sense. Although I personally love the look and feel of leather, I think if I was going to take a motorcycle ride at night, I would much prefer having a reflective vest like this one. 

However, I would probably end up with multiple vests, because honestly, I am a huge fan of leather. Probably stems from my love of all things horses, which includes leather saddles and other equipment, but ever since I was a child I have had a fondness for leather. So, I think if I was gearing up to get a motorcycle, I would probably end up with a reflective vest, and a leather biker vest.

There are many choices in the style and design of biker vests; you can even get a motorcycle vest for women. These look just lovely. I love the fitted style of this one. Very feminine looking, yet not out of place on a motorcycle ride!

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  1. Wow that vest is really nice, so stylish yet looks like it would be very sturdy and useful.