Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moving To Florida?

I have to admit, living in Florida sounds pretty good right about now! Between the weather not being able to stay either cold or normal spring temperatures, and then the enormous amount of rain we've been getting the past few days, I would jump at the chance to be in Florida! Of course, as soon as the weather turned real hot down there, I'd want to be back up here, so I guess I'll just stay where I am. I did live in Florida for several years when I was younger though, and overall it is a pretty nice place to live. So, if you live in Florida and are looking to move into a new home, or maybe you are planning a move to Florida, be sure to look at FL New Homes before you move.

Personally, if I was going to move back to Florida, I would prefer to be in the northern part (near the Alabama border, so around Destin, Pensacola area) or down in central Florida near Ocala, Lake Mary area. As much as I enjoy some of the Orlando area attractions, Orlando traffic is not something I would want to deal with on a regular basis! So, if you live somewhere within a 1-2 hour drive from SeaWorld and Disney, I figure that would be just about perfect. Close enough to visit regularly, but not too close to Orlando! That's just my thoughts though; really most of Florida is a lovely place, and I have many great memories of living there.

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  1. Florida does sound like a good place to be year round. There's a reason why so many people end up retiring there.