Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Want A Solar Charger!

Are any of you familiar with solar powered chargers? Do any of you have an iPhone Solar Charger, or a solar charger for your computer or other electronic device? I have been looking into the pros and cons of getting a solar charger, and I have to say they really seem like a good piece of equipment to have. I have a couple extra batteries or the little power banks for some of my devices (my Tablet and cell phone) but they are the kind that you plug in to recharge; they aren't solar powered. What would make a solar charger so great is that it will recharge when we're on one of our camping trips, where we have no electricity for a few days. (Unless you count when we sit at a restaurant for half an hour to charge up our phones or laptops!).

Although when we travel we often stay at hotels, we do stay at campgrounds (usually tenting but occasionally at a rustic-style cabin) a few times a year. In fact, we have a trip planned over the summer, and we will most likely be staying in a small cabin for a couple nights. This would be the perfect time to have a solar charger! Not only do solar chargers work for the typical smaller devices such as tablets phones and laptops, but you can also find larger solar powered chargers that will work for bigger "appliances" such as a fan or light. They actually have an outlet built in, so you can plug in your electric-powered equipment, and run them completely from a solar charger! Now that's what I call amazing, and a very handy piece of equipment to have!

The best part about a solar charger is, like I said, that you do not have to plug it into an outlet or laptop (like my portable power bank) to be able to recharge your device. Simply sit your little solar panel in the sun, and recharge your iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc! You just can't go wrong with a solar powered charger no matter what device you have!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. Oh I have not heard of this before! Sounds like a wonderful idea!!!! There are so many times when you dont have a place to plug in! I just love all the new solar options we are getting these days!

  2. you should check out Suntactics sChargers, they can charge an iphone in about 2 hours or less, fully charged. They have a special 10% discount coupon code on their chargers (use code GYRO), they are the the best!