Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding Good Auto Repair

Okay, here's a good question for all my readers. Do you a specific auto repair shop that you utilize, or do you just bring your vehicle in whenever and wherever you happen to be? We have a small auto repair shop (attached to a car sales lot) that we use for all our car repairs and check-ups (unless we're out of town-like the time in Texas when our Suburban was broken into, and we had to find a local shop like Auto Repair Austin TX for our repairs).

We actually started using this repair shop a couple years ago, after receiving a card in the mail for a discounted service. Since then, we have brought our vehicles there for any repairs, oil changes, tune-ups, or just general check-ups when necessary. The employees there always give us friendly service, and do their best to get our vehicles back to us as quickly as possible. Our last trip to the shop, we were going out of town the very next day, and requested that, if at all possible, the SUV (our extra vehicle) be ready to come back that evening, so it would not be left at the shop over the weekend. They were able to get it done, and had it ready for pick up by 5:00 that evening!

We also brought a friend's vehicle in to this shop for repair a couple weeks ago when his mini van wouldn't move! Apparently when certain automobiles are left sitting for too long during the winter months, a piece can freeze that in turn keeps the vehicle from moving at all. It took some time of just rocking the van back and forth, but we finally got it out of the driveway, and brought it in for a check up and any repairs that needed done. And, because we are regular customers, the coupon they had sent us for use on one vehicle, they allowed us to use for 4-including our friend's! That is super friendly service, and the type of gesture that keeps you coming back to any business, but especially an auto repair place!

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  1. Yes, we always go to the dealer where we buy our car from to do the major repairs.