Thursday, April 18, 2013

Epoxy Floor Coating

Wow, you would not believe the storm we had yesterday, and all through last night! It started out with just a dreary, rainy morning, but that quickly turned into a pretty nasty storm through the afternoon. When we headed out to Tae Kwon Do yesterday it had slowed down some, but by 9:00 last night it was raging full force again. All during the night I awoke to lightning flashes, and thunder so loud it was literally shaking the bed. This morning it is still drizzling a little, but the sun is out, and thankfully we had no flash floods or lightning strikes! 
Anyways, today I wanted to discuss, for a few minutes, Floor Coating; more specifically, Floor Coating Chicago. What exactly is floor coating? you ask. Well, basically it is a way to extend the life of your cement flooring. This is perfect for garage floors; adding this coating will reduce dirt and debris, and it is liquid-resistant. The epoxy coat will protect your floor from grease, oil, dirt...even UV damage! It is also stain resistant, so your floor will stay looking good for a long time. This works well for older garage floors as well, as it will hide those ugly cracks and oil stains. With something as simple as a floor coating, you can turn your garage into a lovely part of your home, instead of an area you hate looking at!


  1. Garage Floor Coatings In Branson MoFeature Curbz trained to signify Top level, land garage floor coverings because they are designed to last, provide resiliency to spots and wheel marks, cover up minimal blemishes.

  2. It seems epoxy floor coating is great for garage. This is because garage is where heavy equipments are stored and where oils, stains and dirt are usually found. But isn’t it that epoxy floor coating will yellow over time?