Friday, April 5, 2013

Chevy's Are Great!

Our family has been a fan of the Chevy Suburban for going on 15 years or so now. We purchased our first Chevy Suburban back when I was about 12 or 13, so it was quite a while ago! Chevy is known for many vehicles, and while I personally think the Suburban is their best one ever, if you would like a smaller car, you can check out chevy cruze wheeling il.

While many people like a certain vehicle because of the appearance, the features, or the mileage, I have a very real reason to be a Chevy Suburban fan. Not very long after purchasing our first Suburban, our family had a vacation planned in Missouri. We started out in the evening; we like driving through the night since that means less stops, less traffic, etc. About 11:00 we were on a highway headed north out of Florida, when suddenly another car slammed into our Suburban! T-boned us right in the middle, on the driver's side-right where I happened to be sitting. Amazingly enough, we were able to keep control of the vehicle, and drove to the next exit. The vehicle that hit us disappeared; our assumption is that he was driving while drunk, and had no idea or remembrance that he had hit us. We called 911 and an officer came out to file a report of the accident. The Suburban was banged up pretty good, but the officer said the only reason I was not injured or worse, was due to the heavy steel door on our Suburban (yes, it was an older model). That pretty much sealed our affection for a vehicle we already really liked! The insurance company totaled our vehicle and actually gave us more back than we had paid for it. We immediately started shopping around for-you guessed it-another Suburban! Since then, we have had a couple different Suburbans, but with each one, we have been more than satisfied with the performance given!

How about you? Have a neat or funny Chevy story to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us why you are a Chevy fan!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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