Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What About Promo Tools?

Hey everyone, here's a fun topic for discussion. What is the most memorable promotional tool you have ever seen or used? Not just the usual business card, but is there a promo product you have been given that just really stands out? Whether it's the actual item you were given, or a saying or logo on the item, some promo gifts are very effective ways to advertise for your business. Of course for my blog, I have business cards made up that I give out to businesses and pr agencies when I'm at events or shows, and if you've ever won a giveaway on Hope's Cafe, then you probably have one of my business cards. I like to play up the whole cafe theme, and I think all of my cards have had a coffee cup design. I have been looking into different promo items though, and promocentral.com has some pretty good buys for these kind of products.

Business cards are pretty common, and for real advertising, you want something that will stand out a little. A magnetic card, a pen with your logo, or maybe a t-shirt with your company's information. One promo item I remember receiving quite well was quite a few years ago, when I was probably about 15. My parents were both in a store purchasing new cell phones, and because they thought it would be a quick thing, us kids just sat in the car. When they realized it would take a little longer, we brought the younger children over to a shaded grassy area to play. After about half an hour, they got bored of just running around. We were all relieved when one of the employees kindly brought out some frisbees with their company logo (leftover promo items) for everyone to play with! Now, whenever we pass that area (yes, the business is still there) someone is bound to say "Do you remember when..." and we go through the whole story again! 

Please share any fun or funny promo products you have been given or maybe even used for your own company or business. I'd love some ideas to use for Hope's Cafe as well, so if you have any ideas for a neat promo item for my blog, share those as well!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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