Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Traffic Ticket? No Thanks!!

I can honestly say that our family has been blessed when it comes to our driving record-both individually and collectively. We have a total of 6 drivers in the family now, although a couple only have their learner's permit, and most have only had a license for the past couple years. However, I am proud to say that with all the beginner's we have driving now, and all the years of driving (over 30, easily) that some have been driving, none of use have ever received a traffic ticket. We have never had to Fight Traffic Ticket or pay a speeding fine. It is something I am proud of, and a record I hope we can keep for a long time to come!

One way we have this record is by impressing upon all the children, before they even start driving, how important obeying all the traffic rules is. We don't joke about speeding at all. Instead, we remind the children that the speed limit is just that-a limit-and that is is there for a very good reason. When in a school zone, you should go slow because there is every possibility a child could run across the road without warning. If the speed limit is 35 in a residential area, then be sure to follow that directive. Even on the interstate, where many people seem to think it's okay to go over the limit, the safety factor alone should be enough to discourage any speeding.

Of course, speed limits are not the only traffic laws that people often disregard. Stopping at red lights and stop signs are another thing I have seen disobeyed very often. Just last week as we were headed to Tae Kwon Do class, we came up to a red traffic light, and the truck in front of us stopped as they should. However, after stopping and sitting for a few seconds, the truck continued on it's way-through the red light! No, it wasn't a stop-and-go, this was a solid red light, on the main street through town. I don't think I've ever seen such blatant disregard for a red traffic light. I used it as a teaching lesson though, to show the children what you should NOT do at a traffic light!

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