Thursday, March 7, 2013

Riding Mowers vs. Push Mowers

Growing up, it was my sister's and my job to mow the lawn. Now, before you think that it was too hard of a job for young girls, let me explain that 1, My brothers are 7-9 years younger, so therefore they could not mow the lawn when I was 10 or 11. And 2, we lived in Florida, so when I say lawn, I say it very loosely, because only the front of patch of our yard had any grass. Obviously, we were able to do the job with a small push mower; we didn't have any need for commercial riding mowers! Literally, our "lawn" was just a small square patch of grass in front of our home. All the back and side yard was just Florida sand, with maybe a blade or 2 of grass coming up somewhere. Great for not having to mow, but not so great when we tracked sand into the house all the time. 

Anyways, back to the subject of lawn mowers. Now that we no longer live in Florida, and we actually have a yard with grass (that grows quite quickly too) I am thankful that my brothers are now old enough to take over the job of lawn care. Over the summer it seems that they no sooner mow the lawn and put the mower back into our tool shed, than the grass is springing up again, and requires another trim. Okay so it's not quite that fast, but really I am glad that when I had the lawn mowing job, we lived in sandy Florida. While we still use a push mower, both my brothers have brought up purchasing a riding mower. We have a pretty good sized back yard, and the front lawn is not overly big, but still a nice size, so pushing a lawn mower around every other week or so during the summer gets a little tiring for them. Not to mention that some of the front lawn is sloped, so they would much prefer a riding mower, rather than pushing a mower up the hill. It is an investment that we are considering, but haven't made a certain decision on yet. I wouldn't be surprised though, if this summer we end up with a riding mower!

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  1. Ha, I live in Florida and I know what you mean. My grass (HA!) barely grows with the trees and sandy soil.

  2. I'd love a riding lawn mower. I wish I had the money to get one. It's so hard to cut grass and weed eat for me. For one thing, the heat! That adds to the already hardness of it all. I feel like I put the lawn mower back , turn around good, then it's time again, too. I hate the summer for that reason. Heat and cutting grass! Ahh!

  3. We got rid of our lawn because it didn't make sense to pay someone to come and mow our little patch of lawn. But if we had a large lawn, it'd be great to have a riding mower.