Friday, March 29, 2013

Resorts vs. Hotels

For most of my life, we only stayed at hotels (or campgrounds) when traveling. I saw advertisements for resorts and lodges, and thought that surely they couldn't be worth the extra cost. We have traveled a lot of miles, and I have stayed at Hotels York PA, hotels in probably every state up and down the east coast, and many in the southwest. Oh, and quite a few in the midwest too! However, my opinion of hotels and resorts dramatically changed after an experience on our recent trip to Florida last month. I had no idea that resorts offered so much for their guests! Not that I will only be frequenting resorts in my travels from now on, but I am certainly going to be open to staying at a resort instead of my normal hotel of choice.

One of the big differences I noticed between a hotel and a resort is that at a resort, the employees seem sincerely interested in making your stay as nice as possible. Don't get me wrong; I have been to hotels with employees like this too, but it was nice to check in to the resort and have such friendly, helpful staff. Throughout our stay at the resort, everything we needed was just a phone call away. Needed to find the closest pizza delivery? Simply call the help desk. Need to schedule a shuttle? Just call! Each employee we spoke with was courteous and helpful.

Next, and here's a big one, are the amenities offered at a resort. The resort we stayed at last month had a ton of fun things for the kids (and adults) to participate in. Tennis courts and equipment, paddle boats, kayaks and canoes, the biggest pool I have ever seen, a splash fountain to play in, bike rentals and trails, horseshoes, tetherball, rock climbing wall...the list goes on and on! And that's in addition to the normal offerings such as a fitness center. We certainly had no need to find somewhere to go for fun-all the fun we wanted was right there!

How about you? Ever stayed at a resort? Do you think the extras provided at a resort are worth the difference in price? Share your thoughts!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. I think it depends on the money difference and if you are trying to vacation on a budget. Sometimes the resorts have so much to offer, you dont have to go to all the places that charge admission but can just pick a few and spend more time at the resort. I think you just have to check the prices, but the resorts do have so much more to offer!

  2. We always stay at hotels becuase of the price. We usually have sights that we want to see and don't spend much time in resorts. The resorts do sound very nice though. Some time when we have more time we will definitely check them out.