Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Products for Curly Hair

Would you believe it is only 21 degrees outside right now? I thought we were DONE with winter!! As if that isn't bad enough, they are calling for more snow on Sunday-just after we could finally see our back yard again! Anyways, on to happier issues-or maybe not, since curly hair can be just as frustrating as the cold weather :) Let's talk about finding the Best Products for Curly Hair for a few minutes. This is something I didn't have to deal with until I was about 18, and then it seemed like overnight my hair turned curly. Not tight ringlets, but definitely more than just a wave. One of the first steps in caring for curly hair right, is finding a salon that takes extra care with curls. For all you straight-haired ladies out there, this may sound odd. However, many hair stylists treat curly hair just like any other type, and this can actually damage the hair! No, I am not one of those "curlies" that believes only a curly-haired stylist can properly cut or style my hair. However, I do need someone who understands the difference in hair types, and works accordingly.

The next step is finding proper hair care and styling products. Do you know how long I used silicone-based products before learning that they weren't good for curly hair? I read a couple books that said silicone based products did wonders for promoting shine and reducing frizz, so I used them daily and never understood why the product didn't work right! A while ago I made the switch to more natural products, and avoid anything with silicone in it. Guess what? No more frizz now!

Another important part of curly hair care is getting the proper amount of moisture. I use a good hydrating conditioner and a leave-in conditioner every day, and once a week use an intense moisturizing mask (the kind you leave in for 3-30 minutes). This helps keep the curls moisturized for less frizz, more shine, and an overall healthy look. It also gives the curls more definition, as hydrated hair has more weight than dry hair.

Got any tips for curly hair? Please feel free to share!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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