Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plumbers and Plumbing Tips

Well, the snow we received over the weekend is starting to melt already-thankfully! It looked beautiful, but I am so ready for spring, and was so disappointed to have such cold weather-and snow-at this time of year. We enjoyed one last afternoon of sledding, snowball fights and even building a snowman, but now, hopefully, we can get on with spring! This morning I thought I would share some plumbing tips, so that in the middle of all the busy-ness of spring break, we won't have to deal with finding a plumbing service, or calling plumbers out to the house.

One thing we have found very helpful in preventing plumbing problems is to use a drain strainer in our bathtub/shower. Especially with 5 girls who use this shower, each one of which has long hair. We actually had a blockage in the pipes last year, and when we had it repaired, we were told that most of it was probably caused by hair going down the drain. That's when we started using the drain strainer regularly, and we haven't had any other problems since. 

Another tip, that seems like plain old common sense, is to never flush anything except toilet paper down your toilet! Sometimes the kids will use a paper towel for wiping down the counter or some such task, and then flush it down the toilet. This is a big no-no! These can cause blockage very quickly.

You should also pay attention to keeping your drains clean. A great natural way to do this is by pouring vinegar or apple cider vinegar down the drains on a regular basis. Whether you choose to do it once a month or a little more frequently, this can be a huge help in keeping your plumbing repair bills down.

Lastly, another great way to avoid those fussy stopped-up kitchen sinks? Start by pouring any grease or fatty liquids into a tin can, rather than down the drain! While the grease may be hot when you pour it down, they will quickly cool and start to solidify, causing a clog. It's much easier to avoid the problem than to fix it!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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