Thursday, March 21, 2013

Learn About The Wonders of Ecology

Our family has homeschooled all the way from kindergarten to high school. Through the years we have used various curriculum, and I love every time a new book or curriculum comes onto the scene. Back when I was in (home) school the choices were very limited, with only a couple companies offering the necessities. Now, though, it seems like every where you look there's a new company, publisher or book offered for homeschoolers. One of the companies I learned about several years ago is New Leaf Publishing Group, which offers a multitude of books that can be used in school, as well as actual curriculum. So I was very excited to be chosen as part of the launch team for a new book, The Ecology Book, part of the Wonders of Creation series!

Our family has utilized most, if not all, of the Wonders of Creation books in school, so everyone was happy to hear about a new addition. The Ecology Book is written by Tom Hennigan and Jean Lightner, and is loaded with color pictures and illustrations.

 One unique aspect to The Ecology Book is that it can be used with students/children anywhere from 5th through 11th grade. This is done by a color coding system, so it's easy for the student to find which section(s) they are supposed to read. With 3 children still in school, at varying ages and grades, this is so helpful; all 3 of them can work out of the same book, yet at their own level! 

Students will learn exactly what ecology is, who originated the word, and then work their way through a thorough study. They will "meet" ecologists from history, and learn ways to make a difference by being eco-conscious. 

Additionally, The Ecology Book includes various memory building sections, with ideas on how to incorporate the information they're learning with family time. Included are passages of Scripture to read during devotions, and family fun ideas such as gathering lichens, researching plants in your area, observing animal habitats, learning about the sounds animals make. Above all though, The Ecology Book teaches your children/students that God is the Creator of all, and that we should care for the creation around us. I am excited about the fast-approaching release of this book, and a new addition to our homsechool science shelf! This book will be available for purchase on April 1, and you can order online at New Leaf Publishing Group.

"Study the relationship between living organisms and our place in God's wondrous creation!
  • Learn important words and concepts from different habitats around the world to mutual symbiosis as a product of the relational character of God.
  • Designed with a multi-age level format especially for homeschool educational programs.
  • Examine influential Scientists and their work, more fully understand practical aspects of stewardship, and investigate ecological connections in 
  • creation!"
Disclaimer: I received a free book from New Leaf Publishing Group for review. I was not monetarily compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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