Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have You Ever Visited St. Paul?

Well, I have yet another city to add to my ever-growing list of places to visit in the US. Somehow I add more to it than I ever get to check off as being visited! Actually this year we do have a couple trips planned to new areas, so I am super excited about that! One in just a few weeks, and another for the summer; needless to say we have been doing a lot of research and planning! A new city I just added, though, is St. Paul, MN. I have looked into all the super-neat things to do there, as well as the Hotels St Paul MN, and I would absolutely love to visit!

First of all, St. Paul is home to a very unique amusement park. Ever wanted to drive a bulldozer, or dig up some dirt with an excavator? Now you have the opportunity to learn how, and actually operate heavy equipment, all in a safe and controlled environment! This is something that the kids would really enjoy!

While in St. Paul, I would also like to visit the Mall of America. This is just a few minutes drive from St. Paul, and while I'm not a huge mall-shopper, I would enjoy getting to visit and shop at the country's largest mall! With over 500 stores, 50 restaurants, and numerous other attractions, this would easily be an all-day trip.

Then, I would also enjoy visiting some of the many parks and outdoor recreation areas in St. Paul. I love hiking, camping, biking, and just about any outdoor sport, and St. Paul looks to have a number of parks where you can get all the fresh air you want. 

I would try to time my visit to St. Paul to coincide with the Festival of Nations. This seems to be a very entertaining and educational event, showcasing over 90 various ethnic groups that reside in Minnesota. It would be a wonderful opportunity to teach the children about different cultures, and be able to experience it a little bit. Different foods, music and arts are just a few of what they would see at the Festival of Nations.

If you live in, or have ever been to, St. Paul, MN please leave a comment and tell me if there's anything else that would be fun to do if I ever get the chance to visit!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. My brother went to St. Paul last year bu8t didn't get much time to do a lot of site seeing.

  2. Festival of Nations sounds like a great reason to visit St. Paul. Very educational and fun idea. Who wouldn't want to sample all those ethnic foods?