Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Children and Lawn Mowers

How many of you have a lawn that needs mowed on a regular basis? During the summer, the boys are out there every couple of weeks mowing the back yard, and almost that frequently in the front. I have to laugh when they ask about getting a riding mower, because honestly, while our yard is a little larger than we had when I was growing up, it isn't really big enough to require a riding mower! Back when I was a child though, we really had no call for riding mowers or commercial lawn mowers, because not only did we have a very small yard, we also lived in Florida-the land of white sand and sand spurs! 

Our entire side and back yard was composed mainly of sand, with small patches of grass sprouting up here and there. These quickly got demolished, due to all the little feet running around, and of course the paws as well. However, our front yard, small though it was, did actually have some green grass-quite a rarity for Florida! Because my sister and I were the oldest children, it became our responsibility to take care of this; although we have brothers, they were still too young at this point to try running a mower. So, it fell to us 2 girls to mow the front lawn, and it was a responsibility that we took very seriously. We started out with one of those old push reel lawn mowers. Not exactly the easiest piece of equipment for girls to handle, but we did it proudly! Eventually we ended up getting a regular push mower, which we thought was the greatest thing. It made mowing the lawn so easy! I can only imagine how we would have felt if we had bought a riding mower-that would have turned our chore (albeit a fun chore most of the time) into a real pleasure excursion! 

Now, even though we've moved and have a bigger yard, we still use a push mower-thankfully not a push reel mower though! A couple of the children insist that a riding mower is close to a necessity, but they haven't quite convinced us yet!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. We have about three acres to mow and purchased a tractor soon after we moved here. My husbands riding lawn mower was taking way to long, he'd be out there all day.