Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chemical Peels for Skin Care

Would you believe we actually had more snow today?! It warmed up very nicely over the weekend, and most of our snow had melted by this morning. I was so hoping we would be done with winter, snow and yucky weather, but today we actually had some pretty heavy flurries! Thankfully none of it is staying on the ground, but I am really hoping this is the end of it, so we can get on with spring, warmer weather, and outdoor activities. I have really missed my morning walks! Speaking of walking and healthy things to do, I have a question regarding skin care.  Have any of you ever used a chemical peel? I know, it isn't fitness, but technically Esthetician supplies would fall under the category of skin health! 

I have heard a lot of arguments about chemical peels for the skin-they're too harsh, they aren't good for your skin, etc. Then, all the benefits-they really cleanse your skin, you'll never have such great looking skin as when you use a peel, etc. 

So, after doing some research about chemical peels and the pros and cons, I cautiously tried out an at-home chemical peel. I'll be honest, even after reading reviews and getting one designed for more sensitive skin, I was still a little wary. I used it on a day when I wouldn't be going out at all, so if I did have redness or skin irritation, I could deal with it at home, and not worry about having to run to the grocery store looking like a tomato! I read through all the instructions first, to be sure I didn't mess anything up. After reading them a second time (I told you I was very cautious about this!) I carefully followed each step, hoping the entire time my face wouldn't end up irritated, or having a reaction to the peel.  I did have some minor tingling, but thankfully, no irritation, redness, or reaction. And, as I surveyed the results, I was impressed with how clear my skin looked after just one use! Use of a chemical peel can help with acne, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and just overall exfoliation. While I did have great results, I would recommend doing some very thorough research before you try a chemical peel, to avoid any horror stories!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. I wouldn't geta chemical peel. it's just not necessary.

  2. I think my skin is too sensitive to try a chemical peel but you never know. I know plenty of people who had done it, or other things by estheticians and keep going back for more.

  3. I read the chemical peels you do at home are gentler than the spa type. I would really like to reduce my pores and some fine wrinkling. I think I have the courage to try one now.