Thursday, March 28, 2013

AC Repair in A Hurry!

Hey, have any of you ever had your air conditioning suddenly stop working? In the summer heat? In Florida? Yep, we have! Quite a few years ago when I was probably about 10 or 11, and it is something I remember to this day! It certainly instilled a thankfulness for repair companies such as air conditioning contractor bonaire.

It started like a typical weekday morning in central Florida; being summer, school was out so we had our morning chores and then some free time. This was usually spent riding bikes or playing in our small pool outside, then rushing inside for a breath of cold air and a cup of sweet iced tea. However, sometime during the mid morning our air conditioner just up and quit, with no warning. There may be some states you can live without an air conditioning system during the summer, but Florida is definitely not one of those places! The only weather situation I remember being in that was more serious than this, was when we lived in northern Maine-5 miles from the Canadian border. The temperature was below zero, and our heater ran out of gas. That was definitely an emergency! Anyways, back to the a/c repair story-we tried holding out and just opening windows, turning on any and all fans we could find...but to no avail. It was just too hot! It did not take very long for us to decide that we could not survive without our precious a/c. We called around to various repair services, and found one that was able to come out right away and give us an estimate on the repair costs.  Because it was so long ago, and I was pretty young, I don't recall exactly what the problem was-something with a belt maybe? We were glad to discover that the cost wouldn't be too high, and that it was able to be fixed very soon. None of us wanted to live in the heat any longer than we had to! 

So how about you? Ever had an air conditioning (or heating) repair emergency?  Tell us about it!

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  1. We are in Wisconsin and didn't have an air conditioner for the first summer after we built our house. It was awful! I had 2 small children and our living room has large windows and it would get over 100 degrees inside. We spent a lot of time in the cool basement, lol. Now, that we've had an air conditioner for the last few years, I know we'd be getting it repaired ASAP if anything were to happen to it, lol!