Friday, February 1, 2013

Seafood Restaurants

Do you like seafood? Our family is pretty much split down the middle; some of them really detest it, but some of us absolutely love it! I really wasn't big on seafood for quite a few years. I had been to a couple seafood restaurants, but never really liked it. I would eat fish sticks or occasionally the frozen popcorn shrimp, but that is about it. (Maybe if I had been able to visit one of the seafood Restaurants in Carmel CA I would have acquired a love for seafood a lot earlier). Anyways, about 8 years ago our family was at a Christian camp/retreat for a weekend, and one afternoon they had planned a surprise. A few of the men had gone fishing, and caught a whole mess of catfish. Several of the ladies got together and fried it up, and we had a regular southern catfish fry that was absolutely delicious! I have to admit, I wasn't really sure I would enjoy it, but our family has a rule of "You have to try everything at least one time". So I did, and I am sure glad I did! The fish was so delicious that I went back for seconds, and ate all of that too! That was the first time I ever tasted fresh fish, and I think that is what really sold me on seafood. 

Now, although I still don't care for certain types of fish and other seafood (I can not stand salmon for example) I really do love most seafood. Catfish will always remain my favorite, I think, but I eat most fishes, and love shrimp cooked up just about any way. I do draw the line at crab legs and lobster though; somehow I just can't get past how it looks! I do eat crab cakes though, if those count :) Unfortunately, because a couple people in our family actually really dislike even the smell of fish cooking (one of them almost gets nauseous) we aren't able to have it at home very often. However, it is one of my favorite options when we go out for a nice meal, or if I'm out alone (or with another seafood lover) then I will often stop at a good seafood restaurant. 

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  1. I love most seafood, but my parents don't care for salmon like you. I find that at a seafood restaurant getting a mild fish like halibut is usually a good idea.