Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Local Plumbing Help

How many of you have ever had a plumbing problem that was just annoying, and maybe even embarrassing?  Ever had a plumbing issue that required calling a local Rotorooter plumber? About 15 or so years ago, our family was visiting a friend. We were staying at his house for a few days, and actually had our camper parked in his front yard. One morning as we stepped out of the RV, we noticed a strange smell, but didn't really think anything about it. When we realized a few hours later that the odor had not disappeared, but rather was getting stronger, we started looking for the source of the smell. After checking around the front yard, one of the children noticed a small stream of water bubbling out of the ground. Imagine our shock when we realized this was coming out of the septic tank area, and was the source of the nasty odor! 

We called our friend (who was at work) and he asked us to find a plumber, and ask for someone to come out. So, after browsing the phone book and calling a plumbing service, we waited for their arrival. In a short time, the plumber pulled up and went right to work. He checked inside and made sure everything was in good working order there, then moved outside. He soon discovered that the odor, and moisture, were indeed coming from the septic tank. Apparently it was full, and had started leaking. He was able to drain the tank, and then fixed the leak so it wouldn't smell anymore. Although it did take a little while for the smell to go away, by the next morning the yard smelled completely normal. We did make all of the kids wear shoes before going outside for the rest of our visit though! This was probably the worst plumbing problem we've ever seen, and definitely made us thankful for plumbers!

How about you? Any funny plumbing stories? How about embarrassing stories? Have you ever had a situation that made you thankful for professional plumbing help? Share your story in the comments!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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