Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Internet Marketing Works!

I am a firm believer in internet marketing. How many times have you seen an advertisement, or received an email and actually followed the little "click here for more information" link? While I do not do it all the time, and I am very careful about making sure it isn't a spam link, I do often follow through for more info, or to visit the ad's sponsoring site. I believe there are many reasons why internet marketing is so effective, so let me share just a few of them today. 

First, because of the vast reach of the internet. People from all over the world have the internet, and so your advertising is not limited to a certain city, county, state or even country. You can advertise your product, service or company to people in the US, Europe, Asia, anywhere there is internet service!

The second reason why internet marketing is so effective, is because everybody uses the internet. No longer are newspaper ads, radio or tv commercials, or even billboards along a highway, the most effective way of advertisement! I hardly ever pick up a newspaper, and haven't listened to the radio in quite a while (I actually can not remember the last time I turned the radio on). I don't even have tv, and while I do travel a lot, most of the time I'm not even paying attention to billboards. Unless, of course, I'm looking for food, but besides that, I don't generally watch all the signs and billboards along the way. However, I am constantly online, browsing my favorite sites, and shopping for new items. There are many times that I have found a product or service through online advertising!

The third (and final) reason I'll share is that internet marketing is easy to use. With some tech know-how, you can actually do it yourself, but a great option is to use an internet marketing service for your company. They do all the "hard" work, and you can find a reasonably low-cost solution for your marketing needs!

Tell me if you think internet marketing works, and why!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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