Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun In Florida Event Coming Up!

Hey everyone! It's a beautiful morning here in Alabama, and we are on our way to Florida for a great time! I will still be posting on here (I'm trying for at least semi-regularly, but definitely a few times a week) and will actually be working our trip into Hope's Cafe. See, I have some great reviews lined up in the Sunshine State (so thankful to be in the Sunshine State while it's snowing back home :) and some of them will include giveaways as well! And you don't have to be in Florida to participate, because most of the places I'll be sharing have locations in other parts of the country. 
Now, I'm going to have some fun with this, and offer a bonus 5 entries for any giveaways running the month of February! (This does not include giveaways already running, but any that have a start date of Feb. 1-28). For the bonus entries, simply email me your guesses for each of these sponsors/places we'll be visiting. You don't have to get them all right, just send me your best guess, and there will be an option on each Rafflecopter that says "Trivia Bonus Entries". I will be keeping track though, so if you don't email me with your answers, I will remove your bonus entry from the giveaway! My email is onepilgrim86[at]yahoo[dot]com. Put Fun In Florida Trivia in the subject line. And no answers here in the comment section please!

1. Not low + At + That area 
2. The opposite of a city + The opposite of out 
3. A city in Washington + The opposite of worst + A beverage I'll take with plenty of cream and sugar, thank you!
4. It's a type of cow, and also a "new" state + Mike's 
5. This theme park is designed around the concept of building blocks, a popular toy with children 
6. It's only Florida's most well known attraction, and features 4 separate parks! 
7. An member of nobility + A popular lunch food made with 2 slices of bread
8. We have 8 of them in our solar system + A city in California known for movie making
9. A popular Italian eatery, most commonly seen in malls and airports
10. What you yell when you see smoke + Where you live + A certain type of sandwich

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