Monday, January 21, 2013

What Do You Want On Hope's Cafe?

Hey all, a while back I had talked about starting a new weekly article on here, sharing a new recipe each week. For some reason I never took off with it, even though many of you said it would be a fun idea. So, what I want to know is, what would you like to see on Hope's Cafe? 

I want to add something new and fun! Some options I've come up with are the Baking/Cooking/Recipe post idea, interviewing other bloggers, or a recipe swap/hop (which could also be done in conjunction with sharing a recipe). What do you think? Any other ideas? What would you most like to see?

Personally, I'm pretty much leaning towards the baking-and-cooking-themed post, and also doing a recipe blog hop type thing, (not sure what the proper term is for that, but basically adding a linky where other bloggers can share their recipe posts) but please let me know what you would most like to see on here!


  1. i got my pedi sox today just love them thank you very much

  2. I would love to see you do baking themed posts. You have a homely way of presenting this and it makes readers like us to read more of your posts. As always, your giveaways are amazing! Thanks!