Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Security At Home

How many of my readers have a security alarm at their home? Any of you ever had a reason to be thankful you did have an alarm? Personally, I think having an alarm system in place and working is very important. Especially with all the news stories you read/hear lately; having a sign will help deter any intruders, plus having a system with automatic law enforcement notification would be so important in the event of a break-in. I've been researching home alarm systems a little lately, and among other sites and resources, I found Sacramento Home Security. Of course, if you live in another state or area than California, I'm sure you can find a reputable company to install your security alarm as well!

So, if you're wondering why I think a home security system is important, or if you're debating whether or not to have an alarm installed at your house, let me share just a couple reasons that I have considered on this subject.

First, I am big on being prepared (even though I'm not a Boy Scout :). No matter what your emergency, a security alarm can be very important. It may not even be related to a break-in or a burglar, but maybe a medical emergency, and you need immediate assistance. If you have a system that provides you with a panic button for medical help, think how thankful you would be to have that alarm! Of course, there's also the fire aspect. Most systems will notify the fire department in case of a house fire, so there's another good reason to have a house alarm.

Secondly, for simple peace of mind. Yes, our home is equipped with multiple locks and deadbolts on the doors, and locks on the windows. Yet, if someone is really intent on breaking in to your home, these aren't going to provide as much of a problem for them as you'd think. Knowing your home is protected with a security alarm system will allow you to rest a little easier!

Lastly, I think just having a sign in your front yard (you know those little signs you see about "This house protected by...") will be a big deterrent to intruders! Not that it is a guarantee for steering away burglars, but it will help!

What about you? Do any of you think it's a good idea (or bad idea) to have a security alarm at your home? Please share your thoughts!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. My sister does have a good security alarm in her home and she does feel safe having it. All of your reasons are very true and I do think peace of mind is important. It is worth it to look into a security system for our homes.
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  2. We have a security alarm and recently upgraded it. While we've never had a breakin, we did have a time where a door blew open (wasn't fully latched) and so we were notified (and the police came to check it out). I'm glad it ended well, but it is certainly peace of mind.

  3. We have considered getting a home security system. You brought up a lot of good points!

  4. I think having a alarm system is very important. We decided to get one after there were a few break ins near our home. Now we are not in a bad neighborhood but for some reason this group was targeting our area. My boys and I are home alot alone and there are not people coming in and out at our house so getting help is as easy as pushing a button. Best decision we ever made.

  5. I am absolutely sure that every home needs alarm system. Can't live in this kind of world without it!