Thursday, January 3, 2013

Portable Solar Power?! Yes Please!!

How many of you are familiar with the idea of a portable solar panel? I have researched it a little, and this is totally something I could and would use. I mean, with all the traveling and camping we do, and with as many tech and electronic devices we have in our family, being able to charge these pieces with solar power would be a definite benefit! Between the 6 "adult" age people in our family (wow, some of the kids would love to know I consider them adults, huh?!) we have 5 cellphones, 1 iPad, 2 tablets, 4 iPods, and multiple other electronically powered devices. And we camp several times a year, sometimes at campgrounds without even a single electrical outlet. Yeah, I think we could use a portable solar panel!

We actually learned the benefit of portable power a few weeks ago-actually, back at the beginning of November. Wow, how time flies! Anyways, a few of us had started out on a road trip, with a destination of only 2 hours away. However, it was going to be a long evening, and we would be traveling back after dark. Certain people get nervous when the ladies of the family are traveling without them, especially when it's dark and we're on unfamiliar roads (they shall remain unnamed, however).  So, when we realized the only phone we had brought with us was completely dead, it made for a little bit of stress. Turn around to get a phone, and end up late at our event? Just drive on, and try to borrow a cellphone to call home? That's when I remembered a nifty little piece of equipment I had dropped into my purse a few days earlier. A little battery pack. We weren't sure it was the right type to charge the phone we had, but thankfully it did! Pretty amazing too, because it's a little bit older cellphone, not a smartphone. The phone was able to charge on the rest of our trip, and we had plenty of power to last the entire evening. (And several calls back and forth on our drive home that night!). So, while it's not a portable solar panel, you can see how portable power comes in extremely handy. And portable solar power would be even better!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. With all the devices you travel with, yes having a portable solar panel would be a terrific idea!