Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Church Service We Never Forgot

Quite a few years ago, our family was asked to provide some special music at a Church service when we were on a road trip to Texas. We are from from professional singers, but our family enjoys singing together, and we often will sing a couple songs for Church, or for other occasions such as visiting a nursing home, etc. Anyways, back to the Church service. As I said, we were in Texas; not at the Church Houston, but at another Church in a small city. We had pulled in early and everything went smoothly; the kids were all prepared, everything was set up, and we were ready to go.  The Church service started with some congregational singing, and a few announcements were read before we were to be called up. About 10 minutes into the service though, suddenly the lights went out. And the air conditioning. And the sound system. Yep, the electric went out completely! So not only was it pretty dark in the Church (did I mention it was the evening service?) but we had to sing without mics. Not a huge deal, as we have done it before, but this was a pretty large Church, so we each had to be sure and sing out good and loud. And, because the lights were out, we couldn't have the lyrics there to read. Most of us are fine without them, but the younger children like having the lyrics nearby for a quick glance to remember their part.

Amazingly enough, the entire process went well, with no slip-ups, no missed lines, and no complaints of "I couldn't hear what you were singing". In fact, we received several compliments afterwards-maybe we should sing in the dark (and without the mics) more often! Of course, as you would expect, the power was not turned back on until later in the evening, after the Church service was almost over. It was kind of fun though, and definitely a service we will always remember!

Have you ever been to a unique Church service? Any service where something funny or strange happened? Please share your story!

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