Monday, December 17, 2012

SGSG-Learn Piano at Home with eMedia Piano Method!! Giveaway!

So, some of you have probably read in a previous post that I'm really getting serious about learning to play the piano. It's an early resolution, and one that I'm already working on. I've been reading books, watching instructional dvds, and recently started a piano method class at home that is just fabulous! It would make a wonderful gift as well, for a child or adult who wants to learn how to play the piano or keyboard. And, if you prefer to learn a different instrument, chances are eMedia has some instructional books and/or dvds to help you there as well!

I received the eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method, which is a CD-ROM that works on both PC and Mac. I was very glad when I saw that, because many programs don't work on Mac, so we Apple users end up missing out on great instructional programs. It's extremely easy and fast to install, and within just a few minutes you're ready to start learning! The software program covers various topics, including playing on white and black keys (notes and rhythm), tempo, sight-reading, intervals, and much more. Basically, it's probably the best "class" or program I've found yet for getting started in, or improving, your piano playing skills! I am working my way through the program, and have a couple of the kids who are also anxious to try it out. 

There are so many benefits to the Piano and Keyboard Method that I honestly can't list them all. A few that really stand out (at least for me) are the following:
1. The program provides instant feedback on your piano playing! The computer listens as you play, and will highlight the correctly played notes in each melody. This is amazing, and so helpful!
2. The Note and Finger Tracker shows you the note you're playing both on music notation, and on an animated keyboard on-screen. Learning to read music has never been easier!
3. Ear Training. This is something I am really enjoying, as the screens pop up with various melodies and exercises to improve your musical ear.

Seriously, if you have a budding pianist, or if you'd like to learn or improve, piano playing, this is the way to go. And the best part is, you can do it at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home!

eMedia is giving one of my readers a 
Piano and Keyboard Method CD-Rom!!
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