Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Roto-Rooter and Winter Plumbing

Well, I guess we have no call to complain after the nice weather we've been experiencing so far, but this week we are supposed to get hit with a pretty big winter storm. They're calling for up to 6 inches of snow, the lowest temperatures we have seen yet this season, and some pretty strong winds. Thankfully, we have already done most of our winterizing, so we are just about prepared. It isn't something I look forward to, but winterizing our plumbing is a necessity, if we don't want to be calling Roto-Rooter Plumbing every few days over the winter!

Our first step was to empty all the hoses outside. We have one for the back yard, and one that runs out to our sprinkler system in the front yard. Of course, we also had to empty the actual sprinklers, so no water freezes inside. The hoses get rolled up and stored in our shed so they are ready for use again come spring. Doing this prevents any cracking or extra wear that comes from the cold weather.

Another way we have prepared for the cold weather is by insulating the pipes and spigots located outside. Simply wrapping a piece of foam or other insulating material around the spigots and pipes can prevent freezing from occurring. 

One very important part of winterizing your plumbing, is to find any pipes located in unprotected or un-insulated areas. Maybe in your basement, attic, garage...any of these areas may contain pipes that need insulation! Use pipe sleeves (available at your local hardware store) or other insulating materials to protect these pipes.

Something else that will help prevent pipes from freezing is to be sure doors and windows are kept closed at all times. Also be sure to stop up any areas that allow drafts, as even this seemingly small amount of cold air can freeze your water pipes! Because our house is old, we had to fix a couple areas that allow air to flow in underneath the door. 

These are just a few steps to winterizing your home. Have you winterized yet? Have any other tips or hints to help prevent frozen pipes? Please share them with us!

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  1. We got our first snowfall this week, so yes we got ready by unhooking hoses and covering faucets with faucet socks, and we insulate some windows with some stuff that's like saran wrap taped over the windows. Also cover some outdoor plants.

    It's actually something I enjoy doing, since I grew up where there's no change of seasons, so this is a nice yearly winterizing ritual.