Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facebook Pages for Business

As many of you probably know, I have a Facebook page for my blog. It is a great way for all my readers to be able to stay updated on any news, new reviews, etc. While I guess technically my blog is a type of home business, I don't really consider it as a business in the strictest sense of the word. However, for a regular business, I believe a Facebook page is absolutely one of the top ways to reach new potential customers, as well as to stay "in touch" with current customers. That's why a Facebook page creation is so important! Getting the right design for you brand's Facebook page can be just as important as the fact that you have a page. Let's be honest; an attractively designed page will draw more people!

I currently follow numerous companies and businesses on Facebook, and often scroll through my feed to see all the news. Whether it is a new item, a special sale, or just some tidbit about their line of products, I like to read about what's going on. Of course, when coupons or sales are offered, I often take advantage of those too! I also follow many restaurants and other service-type businesses, such as hotels and attractions. I have often received special coupon codes or printable coupons (half-price pizza at Domino's, or a free appetizer at P.F. Chang's!) that encourage me to visit that particular place of business. 

Honestly, I can not think of any way to keep customers in the loop and draw in more customers, than social media marketing. And we all know Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites, so why would you not take advantage of this opportunity? There is nothing to lose, and thousands of potential customers to gain!

How about all of you, my readers? Do you follow your favorite online businesses, restaurants, department stores or attraction sites on Facebook? Have you ever been encouraged to make a purchase or eat somewhere just because of an offer shared on Facebook? If you have a home business or own a business, do you have a page on Facebook to share news and updates?

This is a sponsored post; however all points and views are my own.

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