Monday, December 24, 2012

Eat On-The-Go With Wendy's!!

So, any of my readers still rushing around doing that last-minute holiday shopping? If you are, you'll need to take a break for lunch, and I have great news for you. Right now, you can score a coupon for a Wendy's Kids Meal for only $1.99! And, keep an eye out for your $10.00 Toys "R" Us coupon inside the kids meal bag! This would be perfect to finish up your gift shopping, because Toys "R" Us has so many awesome toys and games! You can print your kids meal coupon here.

I was able to visit our local Wendy's and try out the new Mozzarella Chicken Supreme, as well as let M enjoy a kids meal. This was my first visit to Wendy's in a while (I've tried cutting back on eating out), and I enjoyed every bite of it! I ordered a combo for myself, and the burger kids meal for M. Everyone in our family loves Wendy's, because they have the "drink machine" where you can choose form literally hundreds of flavors! My personal favorite is the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, but most of the family enjoys trying the different soda combinations. I had seen ads for the Mozzarella Chicken Supreme, but when I actually opened my sandwich, I was impressed by the size and weight. This is not a petite sandwich! 100% premium chicken breast is topped with mozzarella cheese, and a rich parmesan sauce. Honestly, the sandwich was good. But in my opinion, what makes it something special is the addition of the parmesan sauce! It is amazing! I polished off my sandwich in no time, and started planning another trip to Wendy's in the near future :)

M also enjoyed her kids meal, which you can now make a healthier meal. Instead of fries, you can opt for apple slices, and if you prefer your kids stay away from soda, they can enjoy a milk, chocolate milk or juice box. Since this was a treat I let M get fries and a soft drink. Needless to say, she enjoyed this special treat!

Make sure to print off this coupon for a $1.99 kids meal, and look for the $10.00 gift card offer in the bag!

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