Saturday, November 24, 2012

SGSG-Samsung Galaxy Note II Review!!

Okay, here's a fabulous gift idea for just about anybody this holiday season! Whether it's a busy mom, a dad who needs to keep up with the family while on-the-go, or a teenager who enjoys social networking. A smartphone would be the perfect gift for any of these, but I recently discovered something even better-the Samsung Galaxy Note II

I received a Galaxy Note II in white for my trial. At first I thought the Note II was a smartphone, but when I opened the package, it looked more like a tablet. After charging it up and exploring all the features and possibilities, I realized that while this is technically a smartphone, it also offers some extra benefits! 

First of all, I did like the larger screen size. Yes, it means a little more trouble finding a case or holster, but I usually just slid the Note II into my pocket, and it stayed there comfortably. With a 5.5" screen, it's so easy to read emails, text message friends, and enjoy pictures, videos and games on the device. 

Speaking of enjoying pictures and video, I was absolutely stunned at the quality of the camera on the Note II! It features an 8 MP camera, and a 1.9 MP front-facing camera so you can enjoy video chats. I used the camera for everything from close-up shots of the kids to distant landscape pictures, and everything in between. During a recent visit to Medieval Times, I was able to capture video of the dancing horses and the jousting tournaments, as well as pictures of the event. Check these out:

I enjoyed shopping the Google Play store on the Note II, and found many useful apps as well as some games to keep the kids busy during road trips or long waits. Of course all the social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter were quickly installed, but I discovered some new tools as well, such as Foursquare and a nifty alarm app that lets you set any song on your phone as the wake-up! 

Because the Note II is powered by Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), I had no difficulties during my use. Everything ran smooth and fast, with no glitches or errors. Videos loaded and played quickly, apps worked great, and the whole experience was very easy. Even the maps program loaded and kept up with the navigation without a glitch. (This actually came in very handy one evening on a trip when we forgot our GPS, and were traveling 2 hours away to a town we've never visited before!).

I also enjoyed the easy file transfers with the Galaxy Note II. I can actually transfer pictures, video or other files both to and from the phone without even plugging it into my computer! Simply downloading the Kies app on my Mac allowed me to wirelessly complete file transfers quick and easy. Speaking of files, the Note II is compatible with Microsoft Office, so opening, editing and sending these files was super-easy as well. 

One other thing I enjoyed about the Note II is the larger internal memory. Most smartphones I've seen come with 8GB, and usually they offer an external microSD card slot. The Note II comes with 16GB of internal storage though, and still has the card slot for expanding the capacity. Very awesome, because I like to load my phones, iPod, tablet, etc. with lots and lots of video and pictures!

Lastly, I noticed that the Galaxy Note II is available on just about any carrier. Unlike many smartphones that only work with AT&T, or are only available through Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy Note II appears to work with just about every major carrier. 

Honestly, in my 3 weeks of using the Galaxy Note II, I have been very pleased with everything about it-there's nothing I'd change or add whatsoever. It's pretty much perfect, just the way it is!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Samsung website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.


  1. wow-even from your photos i can see how vivid and great the picture quality is! i love taking photos and these look superb.

  2. nice to have a little of a table and smartphone. I like that you don't have to have a certain carrier, makes it easier to gift. The S Voice sounds interesting,with getting directions with just your voice. Thank You for sharing.

  3. I love the larger screen size and the pictures you took look great - will be checking into this.

  4. Wow! You are so lucky! I wish to have one myself :)

  5. Looks like a great phone! I'm tied between getthing this or the Samsung Galaxy S III!

  6. Wow! I would love to have a phone like that. Looks really neat!