Monday, October 22, 2012

Vote for Family Foodie at Women Who Shine!

Have any of you heard about the Yahoo Women Who Shine program? This is a great site to visit, where you can learn about women who encourage others-whether as a Mom, a teacher, a survivor, etc. You can submit a nomination if you know a woman who is a shining example, and want others to hear about it. Or, you could just vote for a woman on the site. Voting ends next week, and the woman who shines with the most votes will receive a $10,000 prize! If you know someone who shines, I suggest nominating them today. Has your Mom been a shining example? Do you have a friend who has a great community outreach? Do you know someone online who challenges and encourages you? Why not nominate them as a Woman Who Shines?!

I learned about it a month or so ago, and actually submitted a "Woman who Shines" on the site. My nominee is Isabel Laessig, and she shines in an area very close to my heart-family dinnertime! Check out Isabel's page on Shine, and please consider voting for Isabel in this program! If you want to know more before voting, then read on!

Isabel Laessig is a mom on a mission-bring back home cooked meals and family time around the supper table! It seems like many families now eat their meals in different rooms, or just a grab a bite on-the-go. So, Isabel, a mother of 4, decided to work at changing that routine. Her mission began when her oldest daughter, Alexandra, was headed off to college. Alexandra was asked what she would miss most, and replied that she would miss dinner, and the family table talk that accompanied the meal. This started Isabel thinking about the importance of family dinners and quality time spent together around the table. She soon started a blog, Family Foodie, where she shared meal ideas and recipes, as well as encouragement to eat dinner together! From small beginnings, Family Foodie is now the base for a group of mom bloggers who are also passionate about bringing back Sunday Supper, and boasts over 1.5 million followers! Every Sunday evening-before sitting down for a family dinner-Isabel joins her followers on Twitter, using the #SundaySupper hashtag. During this time, participants can share recipes, tips, ask questions, and more. All designed to bring your family back to the dinner table!

Isabel is certainly a woman who shines, and since cooking and family mealtime are both very important to me, I was happy to get the opportunity to share her passion with others. Please vote for Isabel at Yahoo Women Who Shine today!

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  1. Hope, I am so honored that you nominated me. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Talk about making someone's year!

  2. Happy to hear about this site. So nice to recognize deserving women like this nominee. I will be sure to check out the site, and maybe nominate someone I know!