Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travel Green with Portable Solar Panels

Recently the subject of portable solar panels was brought up. This is something I have actually considered for a number of reasons. I love camping, and it's something we try to do at least a couple times a year. Usually tent camping, but sometimes we'll opt for a rustic style cabin, which often don't have electrical outlets. And, while I love "roughing it" for a weekend or even a week, there are a few things I can't do without. 

I can adapt to cooking over an open fire or a grill. I can do with running up to a bathhouse in the middle of the night when one of the children needs a bathroom. I can even do with cold showers if there's no hot water. But, I have this need for a couple tech gadgets that I've never tried going without for even a weekend. Yep, my cellphone and my iPod. I need to be able to reach my family and/or friends if something comes up, and although it's not quite to the point of being called a need, I really like having some music to listen to at night.  Of course, that means bringing along portable speakers as well, and while it's pretty easy to find a set that runs off your iPod battery, it also means the iPod doesn't last as long. So, for those occasions when we're tenting, or staying in a bare cabin, I thought a portable solar panel would be perfect.

See, more than just an extra battery for the tech devices, a portable solar panel would allow me to charge multiple devices. Over and over. It's not a single charge, but, because it's solar powered, I could re-charge my phone and iPod as many times as needed. The panel gets it's power from the sun, and converts that into a charge for any and all of my tech devices! There are many sizes and styles available, from a little panel to something that can actually be installed (at your home or a permanent camp) for a permanent solution to your battery charging needs! This is definitely something I will be researching further!

This is a sponsored post for Goal Zero, however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. We like to spend time out in nature too, we both like to have a laptop with us and the lights use a battery too, lots of things use one. I will tell my husband about these portable solar panels, and see what he thinks about them. Great Review, Thank You