Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Towing Nightmare!

Many years ago our family was moving from one state to another. A pretty long trip, but that didn't bother us, as we do enjoy (and always have enjoyed) traveling together. What made this moving trip different is the fact that rather than pulling a U-Haul or similar trailer, we were using a very large cargo trailer.   A large red trailer, quite a sight being towed behind our family vehicle! Of course, no road trip is without a mishap it seems. If you've done any extensive traveling, I'm sure you know what I mean! We not only blew a tire, but ended up damaging the axle. Pretty badly, too. That meant only one thing-a call to AAA, requesting a tow truck. Unfortunately, we were in a pretty small town. It's not like we needed towing San Jose! No, we were in a rather rural area, with pretty limited towing capabilities.

Thankfully, after many calls, and a very long wait, we ended up with a towing service that could do the job. Only, they didn't actually tow our trailer. Due to the damaged axle, they had to put our trailer on a flatbed truck and transport it to the repair shop. Yep, leave it to us to cause such a ruckus by needing something more than the average tow truck! Needless to say, we were quite anxious as we watched that old red trailer, with all our possessions, being loaded onto a flatbed. It was very well secured and locked into place, but following the flatbed-and our trailer-to the repair shop, we were able to see each sway and move as the vehicle turned, stopped and accelerated. Not a very reassuring sight! However unstable it appeared to be though, our trailer and all it's precious cargo made it safely to the shop. We ended up needing a hotel stay for that night, but were able to start out bright and early the next morning. Complete with a newly repaired axle, and a smoothly running rig! It is one of our traveling experiences that, although it was pretty serious at the time, now we can laugh about it!

This is a sponsored post for D & M Towing and Transport, however, all the points and views are my own.

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