Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smooth Skin With Lotion!

I am totally loving this gorgeous fall weather! I must admit, fall is my favorite season. There's something so fresh and wonderful in the cool, crisp air. It gets the blood moving, encourages outdoor activities, and brings the family together for cozy time together every evening. With that being said, there is one thing about fall that I don't care for. That is the dry skin I experience! My use of body lotion literally doubles or triples when we hit the autumn season!

Most of the year I only have to use body lotions or creams once or twice a week. Come mid September though, it turns into an every day routine. After my morning shower, I have to apply a thick layer to keep my skin from drying and chapping. Areas that aren't protected from the wind and cold, like my hands and face, require a couple applications daily. However, it's not all bad. Lotion gives my skin a smooth feel, and fragranced lotions really lock in an all day scent, even more than perfumes and body sprays!

How about you? Are you noticing a need for more body lotion now that we've hit the cool autumn weather?


  1. I am much the same as you: in need of much more daily moisturizers in the fall and winter. I think it's the heated air in the house more than the dry cold air outside that makes it so bad for me. I've found that the therapeutic lotions, more expensive but I buy on sale during the summer and stock up, work better and have longer effects.

  2. I am also trying to use lotion regularly, but get lazy. I have so many bottles of lotions, samples, etc. that it's ridiculous not to use them.

  3. I do love fall also, it is my favorite season and I have the most energy now! But this is also when my skin starts to get dry and if I do not use tons of lotion, it gets really dry and flakey. I use all kinds of lotion though to prepare for the winter dryness.
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