Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Protection Against Identity Theft with Lifelock

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Have you ever had to deal with identity theft? It's something I hope never occurs to me, but I'm not going to just settle for wishes. With a staggering 11.6 million adults who were victims of identity theft in 2011, and a total of 18 billion dollars lost-it's not something to leave up to chance!
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I recently learned about LifeLock, a company that helps protect against identity theft, and, if you do become a victim of identity theft while a member, LifeLock will spend up to 1 million dollars hiring lawyers, consultants, etc. to help your recovery. That's what I call a helpful membership!
If you're not concerned about identity theft, just consider these thoughts for a moment. How hack-friendly is your password? Did you know that if your password contains six characters but no symbols, a professional can breach your security in only .000224 seconds?! Simply by changing your password to include 10 characters and one symbol, it changes the standard hacking-time to up to twenty days! Now do you see the importance? That's why you need to consider LifeLock!
LifeLock offers so many benefits for members. They will alert members when personal info is being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, mortgage loans and more. They offer 24/7 personal service, and have an advanced internet surveillance-all designed to protect you! I will certainly be looking into LifeLock more; they seem to offer more services than your standard credit protection. I will also be following LifeLock on Twitter for updates and news.
Have you ever been the victim of identity theft, or do you know someone who has? Do you think LifeLock would have helped protect against the situation? Please share your thoughts!
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  1. I know two people who have found out they were victims of identity theft, both several years ago, and both still struggling with the aftereffects. It's something that can make your life a living hell and is very difficult to make right. Back when it happened there weren't the types of services available like there are now, like LifeLock, but I think if there had have been, they both would have been protected.

  2. Last year our credit card was hacked twice, and we only use the card with online shopping, so it's pretty scary. Makes me sad to think of people ripping off other people like this, and unfortunate that we need companies like this to protect us.