Thursday, September 6, 2012

Explore The Grand Canyon with Noah Justice-Aweome Science DVD!!

Science is one of those subjects that some people love, but some people hate. I don't know anyone who just thought science was "okay". You either really enjoyed that class in school, or you thought it was totally boring or technical know. I started out really hating science, but when I reached early teens, I started actually enjoying it. Because of that, I like finding books and curriculum that will encourage a love of science in children. 

I was able to review a dvd in the Awesome Science series called Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice. This is the first in the series, and is produced by a homeschooling family. The dvd series is hosted by Noah Justice, a 14 year old who takes you and your children on an educational adventure in each dvd. This dvd is designed with children in mind, and keeps their attention quite easily. I turned it on one afternoon, and the children really enjoyed learning about the Grand Canyon, and how it is actually proof of a great disaster (namely, a worldwide flood) rather than proof of evolution. The scenery is beautiful as well, with stunning shots of the Grand Canyon. After watching the dvd, I actually passed this on to a friend with 3 boys, and I am sure they will enjoy learning with Noah Justice as well! 

I loved how clear and easy-to-understand the program was for youngsters. Noah makes the information fun and memorable, so your children really are learning while enjoying as well. The only thing I would say needs some work is that Noah seems to be trying too hard. Rather than just talking, he tries to make each sentence-almost each word-dramatic. It's not so bad that I won't watch anymore (I've already seen the second dvd, and I'm looking forward to more) but it is something that even the 11 year old commented on while viewing. Otherwise, though, this is a great series that your children will love!

Disclaimer: I received a free book from New Leaf Publishing Group for review. I was not monetarily compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


  1. Sounds interesting. Great idea to use a teenage boy that kids can relate to while they watch the dvd. Would be a good series for homeschooled as well as outside schooled kids.

  2. I also reviewed this DVD with my kids and we all enjoyed it too. Hope you have a great weekend! :O)

  3. I would love to see this DVD, it seems terrific. I like that a 14 year old is hosting it to make it appeal to children that age. Sounds like a great educational series.
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  4. This sounds like it would be perfect for my nephew who is 9 years old. It's fun while learning but not to dry.

  5. I really want to see this DVD! It looks so interesting! Ive always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but never have had the chance to do so. This would be a great learning experience for my entire family!