Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learn Self Defense with Krav Maga DVD Set-Giveaway!!

Many of you probably know that I love martial arts, and although I've never taken classes at a school somewhere, I do use dvds to learn and practice with. I do this because I enjoy it, but also for self defense purposes. I have never yet had to use any of what I know, but I prefer being prepared for the possibility. That's why I was excited when Krav Shop offered to send me Ultimate Krav Maga, a 5 dvd set that teaches Krav Maga for beginners to intermediate. Krav Maga is not a competitive form of martial arts, but is focused more on self defense and actual "street fighting" techniques for real life situations. Originally developed for the Israeli Defense and Security forces, it is now popular with law enforcement, military, and civilians worldwide.

"Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, Krav Maga is a modern day reality-based system that is designed to teach practical self defense in the shortest possible time (while giving you a good cardio workout). You will learn to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter and defend against common chokes, bearhugs, headlocks, attacks on the ground 
and weapons such as gun, knives and sticks."

The Ultimate Krav Maga DVD Set takes you step-by-step through the process of Krav Maga techniques. The first dvd starts out with teaching you the ideas of Krav Maga. You don't start out with fancy moves or kicks, but rather learn some very important lessons. Awareness of your surroundings, how to use common objects for self defense, movement, and some combatives training. I was very impressed, as many martial arts dvds toss you right in to a lesson on kicks and punches, without giving you background and guidelines such as stance, position, and such. Not to mention the whole awareness aspect; when you're looking for self defense lessons, this is the best I've seen yet! 

I'm still only on dvd 2, as I'm taking this slow so I will actually learn and remember the lessons. This dvd covers your natural response to danger, teaching defenses against common grabs and holds you may encounter in a fight or attack. It helps you turn a natural response into an instinct so you'll act fast without having to think about what to do! 
Coming up on the next 3 dvds, here's what I have to look forward to:

DVD 3: 'On The Street You Can't Tap Out' (Surviving street fights standing and on the ground) Approx: 112 minutes

DVD 4: 'Surviving Deadly Weapons' (Defenses against hand guns, long guns, knives and clubbing weapons) Approx: 76 minutes

DVD 5: 'Injury Prevention' (Dynamic and static stretching) Approx: 17 minutes

As you can see, Ultimate Krav Maga is indeed the ultimate resource for learning self defense tactics that will actually work in the case of an attack or fight. By following the main principles of Krav Maga (1) Do as much damage in as little time as possible 2) Transition from defending to attacking in as little time as possible (including simultaneously) 3) Use items around you as weapons 4) Be aware of everything) you will be prepared to defend yourself and your family if necessary. 

One of my readers will receive the Ultimate Krav Maga 5 DVD Set!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smooth Skin With Lotion!

I am totally loving this gorgeous fall weather! I must admit, fall is my favorite season. There's something so fresh and wonderful in the cool, crisp air. It gets the blood moving, encourages outdoor activities, and brings the family together for cozy time together every evening. With that being said, there is one thing about fall that I don't care for. That is the dry skin I experience! My use of body lotion literally doubles or triples when we hit the autumn season!

Most of the year I only have to use body lotions or creams once or twice a week. Come mid September though, it turns into an every day routine. After my morning shower, I have to apply a thick layer to keep my skin from drying and chapping. Areas that aren't protected from the wind and cold, like my hands and face, require a couple applications daily. However, it's not all bad. Lotion gives my skin a smooth feel, and fragranced lotions really lock in an all day scent, even more than perfumes and body sprays!

How about you? Are you noticing a need for more body lotion now that we've hit the cool autumn weather?

Protection Against Identity Theft with Lifelock

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Twitter for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Have you ever had to deal with identity theft? It's something I hope never occurs to me, but I'm not going to just settle for wishes. With a staggering 11.6 million adults who were victims of identity theft in 2011, and a total of 18 billion dollars lost-it's not something to leave up to chance!
AmeliaIZEA |
I recently learned about LifeLock, a company that helps protect against identity theft, and, if you do become a victim of identity theft while a member, LifeLock will spend up to 1 million dollars hiring lawyers, consultants, etc. to help your recovery. That's what I call a helpful membership!
If you're not concerned about identity theft, just consider these thoughts for a moment. How hack-friendly is your password? Did you know that if your password contains six characters but no symbols, a professional can breach your security in only .000224 seconds?! Simply by changing your password to include 10 characters and one symbol, it changes the standard hacking-time to up to twenty days! Now do you see the importance? That's why you need to consider LifeLock!
LifeLock offers so many benefits for members. They will alert members when personal info is being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, mortgage loans and more. They offer 24/7 personal service, and have an advanced internet surveillance-all designed to protect you! I will certainly be looking into LifeLock more; they seem to offer more services than your standard credit protection. I will also be following LifeLock on Twitter for updates and news.
Have you ever been the victim of identity theft, or do you know someone who has? Do you think LifeLock would have helped protect against the situation? Please share your thoughts!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PowerBag Computer Briefcase Review!!

We've all been there. On a trip, using our electronic devices (be it a smartphone, tablet, iPod, etc.) and suddenly the device dies. With no power source in sight until we reach the hotel in 3 hours. What to do? For me, there's a very simple solution now. Pull out my Powerbag (always on hand, because it's my laptop case) and connect my phone or tablet via the mini USB connector, and voila! My device is charging...without being plugged into an electrical outlet or laptop port...while we're driving down the road! Interested? I thought so! Let me introduce you to one of the most ingenious, best products I have seen in a long time!!

LOVE the wide shoulder strap!
Powerbag offers a complete line of Powerbags in a variety of styles. Backpacks, messenger bags and briefcases, all available in different sizes and prices. I received the Business Class Case for review. This is a briefcase-style bag, and fits my 15" Macbook Pro easily. There is plenty of padding to provide protection for the electronics you carry in here. In addition to the main laptop-compartment, there are also several other pockets to hold cords, cables, accessories. There's also a pocket specially designed for an iPad or tablet, with extra padding as well.

This Powerbag comes with an AC wall adapter, manual, and an on-board 6000mAh battery system with built-in connectors for Apple, micro-USB, mini-USB, and a USB connector. Basically, you can charge any electronic device with the Powerbag! iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, mp3 name it, you can probably power it up with the Powerbag! 

The battery that comes in the Business Class Case charges the average smartphone 4 times before needing recharged. I usually recharge the Powerbag battery after every 2-3 uses, just to be sure it's always ready. Charging is simple, as it simply plugs into a wall outlet, and takes a few hours to fully charge. 

Honestly, the Powerbag is something that after experiencing, you have to wonder how you ever survived without it! It is sooo handy, and everyone who has seen it loves it! Check out Powerbag today and find a bag to fit your needs-you'll be glad you did!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Powerbag website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

HoverCam Document Camera/Scanner Review and Giveaway!!

Okay, I'll be the first to admit this is a very unique (but awesome!) product I'm sharing today. You may be wondering why a document camera review is so neat, but keep reading and you'll find out. How many of you know what a HoverCam is? It was a new one to me too, but I am wondering why I never heard of it before now! HoverCam is a company that specializes in document cameras and scanners-but not the type of document camera or scanner you're familiar with!

I received a HoverCam Neo3 for my review. When the package arrived, I was surprised at the size. This really is a compact piece that is also quite easy to travel with if necessary. The Neo3 folds down into a small size, that can be slipped into a backpack, bag, or briefcase for travel. I set my HoverCam Neo3 up on a desk though, because I don't imagine I'll be needing to travel with it anytime soon. However, it's so easy to set up and take down that it can be done in a matter of 2 minutes. 

The Neo3 comes with a power cord, USB cord, and VGA connector for use with a projector (perfect for the school room). I set this up, and then took a couple shots of papers to see how the quality was. The Neo3 is HD, with excellent resolution and zoom capabilities, so I wasn't surprised when the pictures I captured turned out so well!

The Neo3 also has a built-in light you can turn on if the picture looks too dark. I also love that there are actually 2 cameras on here, both of which swivel and move for use in just about any direction! You can control zoom with the buttons at the base of the HoverCam, and even adjust resolution or rotate the picture. 
After a couple times of use, I am really impressed with the HoverCam
Neo3, and it will receive a lot of use, especially over the school year! 

Love the versatility of the Neo3!
Camera B swivels for different angled shots
This shows the powerful built-in light
"It combines Versatility and Portability - Shoot any Letter sized paper in any direction while maintaining a nimble footprint that fits in your briefcase. It combines a powerful Zoom and Usability - Bring the finest details into 40x crystal clarity with the touch of your mouse wheel. It combines Clarity and Speed - See the finest details without blurriness and without delay. It is twice the camera - Dual camera configuration lets you shoot Picture-In-Picture. It is twice the output - VGA and USB video outputs equally in full motion HD. 

Best of all, it combines affordability with performance. Neo 3 is a budget saver with top notch performance found in cameras more than twice its cost."

One of my readers will receive a HoverCam Neo3!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mobile Fun Electronic Cases!!

You all probably remember when I posted a review of an amazing case a few weeks ago. What impressed me just as much as the quality of the case I reviewed, though, was the company's service and speedy delivery.  When Mobile Fun offered for me to choose another item for a review, it didn't take long to find another perfect accessory. 

Mobile Fun sent me the Galaxy Tab case by TabletWear, in a lovely purple color. As with the last experience, the case arrived super fast, and I was able to  gear up my tablet in short order. The case gives a very stylish look to my tablet, and does an amazing job of protecting it too! The tablet slides in easily, with a smooth backing that protects it from bumps or scratches. The tablet is locked into place with a small velcro strap, so you don't have to worry about it sliding out. The case has built-in access to all the ports and camera, so you don't have to worry about removing it for use. You can charge the tablet, power on or off, turn volume up, or take a picture without removing the case!

Another nice feature is the built-in stand, so you can watch videos, read books, or type a message on the tablet. It's easy to find the perfect angle for any activity with the multi-level stand! With the SD TabletWear case for my tablet, I don't have to constantly worry about scratches, bumps or wear-my tablet is protected with a stylish purple case!
I highly recommend you check out Mobile Fun if you're looking for cases or accessories for any electronic device. They literally have something for everything, so whether you need a case, charger, headphones, batteries, or screen protector, iPad can find it at Mobile Fun!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Mobile Fun website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Fleuriste á Québec-Floral Gifts in Quebec!

How many of you ladies enjoy receiving flowers? I know I do (although it's a pretty rare occasion for me :) It seems like floral gifts are the go-to for any need or occasion. Be it a birthday, anniversary, sympathy, get-well, or a just-because, flowers or floral gifts are probably the most popular gift ever. 

I especially enjoy ordering floral gifts online to send to friends. I don't know why, but I think they're nicer-and more special-than just a bouquet from your local shop. I recently learned about Fleuriste á Québec, a flower gift company that is located in Quebec, Canada. I don't have many Canadian friends, but I do like knowing where to shop for those special occasions calling for flowers! More than just flowers, Fleuriste á Québec also offers gourmet gifts (fruit-and-flower baskets) and specialty gifts. I love this Magnificent Plant and Fruit Basket they offer!
While browsing the website, I also noticed that the prices include delivery. This makes it so easy to shop, without having to calculate the shipping costs, etc. Takes all the guesswork out so you can enjoy shopping for flowers! Fleuriste á Québec also features a currency converter on each item, so you can easily order with US costs. And, although they're located in Quebec, you can actually order for delivery in the US! They even offer next-day delivery for US orders!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Juppy Baby Walker-Review and Giveaway!!

Hey everyone, here's a great item to share with all you moms out there! Although we don't have any at the right age for this, I was thrilled when offered the opportunity to review a Juppy. In case you're not familiar with Juppy, here's a description on what you've been missing out :)

The Juppy is ergonomically designed to teach your child to walk while eliminating your need to bend over. It is an all natural and safe way to teach your child to walk. The Juppy requires no assembly, it is made of 100% cotton and it will fit in your purse!

The Juppy seems like such a simple piece, yet it's so brilliant! Using a Juppy while teaching your little one to walk is so much easier-and so much safer. I was planning to actually try this out while visiting friends with a little boy right at that learning-to-walk stage, but unfortunately the visit never worked out. However, let me share my thoughts about the Juppy. First, I love the whole concept. Why bend over, and end up straining your back or possibly injuring something, when you can use the Juppy to safely balance and assist in those first steps? 

Second, I like the size/carry-along aspect. The Juppy literally fits right into my purse (or diaper bag) without any trouble, and I can bring it anywhere for any possible chance of use. Weighing in at only 8 ounces, you can bring a Juppy along on any trip and you won't even know it's there-until Junior wants to try walking, and then you'll be glad! 

Probably the most important thing about the Juppy though, is how it also protects the child from injury. There is practically no chance of your child falling and hitting their head, skinning a knee, etc. With the Juppy you can be confident that your precious little child is safe while learning to walk!

To learn more about the Juppy, or to order, please visit the Juppy website. You can also stay up-to-date on any news or sales by "liking" Juppy on Facebook or follow Juppy on Twitter. Or, check out Juppy on Pinterest, or read the Juppy blog!

One of my readers will receive a Personalized Juppy!! (1 word only)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spanx Review and Giveaway!!

*Notice, this review includes links to a lingerie site*
I'm sure you can all relate when I say that shopping for the perfect bra can be difficult. It seems like there are so many different styles and varieties to choose from, and finding the right fit, in a comfortable style, is quite the task! When offered the opportunity to review a piece from the new Bra-llywood Hills line by Spanx, I eagerly shopped around before placing my order. Bra-llywood Hills is specially designed to slim your profile by providing lift, support, and side-slimming style. After ordering, I waited for the package to arrive; a little nervous because I don't like ordering clothing-especially lingerie-online. It seems like sizes are always just different enough to not fit properly!

Fortunately however, Spanx offers great sizing, and it is perfectly true to size. One thing I like is how comfortable the piece is, even with the underwire. This is honestly the most comfortable underwire bra ever. I also love the wide bands that prevent slipping, and provide extra support. Not to mention the slimming effect on the sides and back! Made of nylon and spandex, this stays in place comfortably, and feels good! Whether you're looking for everyday comfort, or something for that special dress, the Bra-llywood Hills line from Spanx is what you need! These bras are available in 2 colors (nude or black) and in sizes from A to DDD.

One of my readers will receive a Gift Code to Spanx! 
Good for 1 free Bra-llywood Hills, Bra-liminate, or Bra-llelujah Lace Contour Bra, and free shipping!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smart Planet Eco Collapsible Travel Bowl Giveaway!!

Some of you may remember a feature I did last year about Smart Planet Home and their amazing Mini Cupcake Maker. When I was contacted about reviewing some of their new Eco Lunchbox options, I was thrilled. And when I actually saw the products, I was amazed-these are awesome!!

I received a Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl, and a Silicone Pizza Box. Both of these are perfect for packing a lunch for the kids, or even taking a lunch or snack while on the go. I personally love cereal (for any meal, or a snack) and the collapsible bowl is great to bring along some of my favorite cereal! The lid snaps on securely to keep your food in and prevent spills. Another neat aspect of the collapsible bowl, is the unique spoon/fork tool included! This also folds down for a smaller size, but twists out into a fork at one end, spoon at the other. You can fold the utensil up and slip it into the little plastic case to carry along in your collapsible bowl!  The bowl literally folds into half the normal size, for storage or carrying purposes.

The Collapsible Pizza Box is much like the bowl in that it also collapses down to half-size, and comes with the spoon/fork utensil and secure lid. I love using this for bringing that leftover pizza along on early morning trips (cold pizza for breakfast, anyone?) or maybe as a lunch for one of the children. I love the extra plastic piece inside that allows you to carry 2 slices of pizza!!

Smart Planet has several more products in their Collapsible Silicone Lunch Box line, so be sure to check them out. Any (or all) of these makes packing a school or work lunch so much easier! And they're available in 4 bright, fun colors! And, if you follow Smart Planet on Facebook or Twitter, you will receive a 20% off promo code (just ask SHP before placing your order)!!

One of my readers will receive a Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PMD Personal Microderm System Review!!

How many of you want clear, healthy, beautiful skin? I know, everyone does, right?! Did you know you can now attain that goal without paying an arm and a leg for treatments? It's called PMD, and it's a Personal Microderm system that provides you with in-home skin treatments, just like you would get from a clinical microdermabrasion! PMD has a Youtube channel where you can watch testimonials and reviews, so this gave me a good idea of what to expect.

I received the PMD for review, and it all comes neatly packaged and ready to use. The system includes 1 Personal Microderm, 7 exfoliating discs (different colors for different skin types), an electric cord, facial cap, body cap, reusable filter, and instructional cd and booklet. I was a little nervous about using something like this, but the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Basically you start out with the white training disc, to ensure the system won't irritate your skin, and to give yourself time to learn the best usage. From there, you can move on to whichever size/color disc you need for your skin. 

PMD recommends using a cream in conjunction with the system, but I tried without it, and it seemed to work good. I got the hang of the PMD pretty quickly, and was able to complete my entire face in a matter of just a couple minutes.

One important aspect is keeping the skin tight while you move the dermabrasion across. This took some doing at first, but got easier after my second use. The PMD left my skin feeling a little tingly, but overall very refreshed and rejuvenated. It doesn't hurt or sting at all (if your skin hurts at all, then you're doing something wrong), but you can feel the system working! After just a couple times of use, I could see a difference in my skin tone and appearance. While it will take a little more than just a few uses to get my skin looking the way I want it, I have no doubts that adding the PMD to my skincare routine will accomplish the feat!

"Achieve amazing anti-aging results at home with Personal Microderm System. It works just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle or cost. The hand-held device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as the ten thousand dollar machines found at your doctor's office. It smooths away dead skin cells, diminishing age spots and other signs of aging.  Help treats acne and scarring as well."

I recommend you keep up with the PMD Facebook page, or follow PMD on Twitter to receive updates on specials and news! You can also find PMD on Pinterest and Instagram!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the PMD website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Build Your Own Meal at Denny's!! Review

Well, I'm back from vacation, and guess what? We had a wonderful time! We stayed a few days in Louisville, KY, and while we were there I had the chance to try out the new Denny's menu. With build-your-own options for both burgers and milkshakes, eating at Denny's is that much more fun!

We made it a girls meal out, and the 4 of us arrived a little after 10:00. Some of us were looking for breakfast, and others wanted lunch, so it was the perfect time. We were pleasantly greeted, and seated immediately. A waitress came promptly and took our drink orders, then we took our time studying the menu. 

C and I finally opted for the Everyday Value Slam-at $4.00 for 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 2 sausage or bacon you can't beat it! M was very happy to try the new Nana Bread Pancake Puppies Sundae. L tried the Build-Your-Own Burger option, and this was perfect for her, as she is diabetic. I was amazed at all the options and add-ons you can choose from! 

Denny's makes ordering from the build-your-own menus extremely easy, with an order sheet right on the table for you to design your burger, and even name it, so there's no mistakes on your food. 

Because she's on a low-carb diet, we unanimously decided to name her burger "Where's the Bun?!". 
When our food arrived, we were all very happy, and wasted no time digging in. Here are a few pictures of our wonderful meal at Denny's:
This really hit the spot!
A build your own burger meal!

M loved her pancake puppies sundae!
Of course, after our meal we decided on a couple desserts as well. I built a milkshake (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter syrup and chopped nuts) and C ordered a Raspberry Banana Smoothie, and we all shared. 

Look at that PB-Chocolate-Nut goodness!
Both drinks were delicious, and the perfect finishing touch to our meal! We're in the Louisville area every year, and this Denny's is one we will be visiting again for sure!

Check out the new Build-Your-Own menu at your local Denny's today!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive a gift card for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Denny's website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.