Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AudioGlove for iPhone-Review and Giveaway!!

Do you ever feel the need for more volume on your iPhone? Whether it's listening to your favorite tunes, or chatting via speakerphone, I'm sure you've all been there. The sound just isn't loud enough sometimes! That's where AudioGlove comes in!

I know, you're asking what on earth an AudioGlove is, so hang on and I'll explain. At first glance, the AudioGlove looks like just another case for iPhones. Made of polycarbonate, and available in a nice selection of colors, it doesn't appear to be anything unique. 

That quickly changes though, when you put it on your phone, start up your playlist, and slide the AudioGlove open. The result? A little chamber that naturally increases the volume coming from your iPhone! This handy little piece amplifies the volume by at least 10 db (that's 20%!), giving you the best solution ever to your sound problems! With the AudioGlove, you don't have to worry about plugging in headphones, or draining your battery by using speakers. 

The AudioGlove also provides you with easier portability than headphones or speakers offer. It's an iPhone case, which means it also protects your phone from accidents. Basically, this is THE iPhone accessory you don't want to live without!

One of my readers will receive an AudioGlove Case for iPhone!! 
(Color based on availability)
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