Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preserve Summer Memories with Gallery Direct!

I can't believe summer is basically over! I can honestly say this is the busiest summer I've had in quite a while, and it literally seemed to fly by. Our family has so many wonderful memories of trips, events and fun times. I was so happy to be able to preserve some of these memories by using Gallery Direct's custom Print-Your-Photo option! 

At Gallery Direct, you can purchase more than fine art or stock images. You can also create your own print, and purchase it as a canvas, mirror, glass, or other material. I knew that our recent trip to Medieval Times was something we wanted to remember, so I designed a collage of some of my favorite pictures on a photo program. From there it was so easy to upload the jpg file to Gallery Direct, and choose my custom settings. I love framed canvas, so it didn't take long to get my order completed. After that it was just a matter of waiting for the canvas to arrive, which I did very impatiently I'm afraid :)

The day it arrived, I opened and unwrapped my new canvas immediately. The family was all gathered in the dining room, so I showed it off right there. Believe me when I say they were astounded! Each individual picture was printed with startling colors and clarity...this is the best memory keeper ever! It was a unanimous decision to hang the collage in the living room...now I just need to find an empty place on the wall!

This honestly doesn't do justice to the canvas print!
Do you have summer memories you'd like to preserve and maybe show off? Why not check out Gallery Direct's custom photo printing today?! The current sale is 50% off sitewide, but it ends Thursday so hurry up and order!

AudioGlove for iPhone-Review and Giveaway!!

Do you ever feel the need for more volume on your iPhone? Whether it's listening to your favorite tunes, or chatting via speakerphone, I'm sure you've all been there. The sound just isn't loud enough sometimes! That's where AudioGlove comes in!

I know, you're asking what on earth an AudioGlove is, so hang on and I'll explain. At first glance, the AudioGlove looks like just another case for iPhones. Made of polycarbonate, and available in a nice selection of colors, it doesn't appear to be anything unique. 

That quickly changes though, when you put it on your phone, start up your playlist, and slide the AudioGlove open. The result? A little chamber that naturally increases the volume coming from your iPhone! This handy little piece amplifies the volume by at least 10 db (that's 20%!), giving you the best solution ever to your sound problems! With the AudioGlove, you don't have to worry about plugging in headphones, or draining your battery by using speakers. 

The AudioGlove also provides you with easier portability than headphones or speakers offer. It's an iPhone case, which means it also protects your phone from accidents. Basically, this is THE iPhone accessory you don't want to live without!

One of my readers will receive an AudioGlove Case for iPhone!! 
(Color based on availability)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dorcy LED Flashlight Review and Giveaway!!

Do you have camping plans for this fall? I personally love camping-yes, tent camping-and one of the most important tools to bring along is a flashlight. It's really a necessity, whether it's for those late night walks, or a middle-of-the-night bathroom run for one of the kids! We have a couple camping trips planned over the next few months, so I was excited when given the opportunity to review a Dorcy Flashlight!

Dorcy is well known as one of the top flashlight companies, and after trying out this new light, I can easily see why. I received the 41-4297 K2 LED Flashlight. This is on the small side, yet is very well made, and has an obvious durable feel to it. The flashlight runs on 3 AAA batteries (included), which gives about 3 hours of run time. It features a carrying strap so you don't drop it while walking. One of the most unique aspects of this light, though, is the built-in battery indicator. When 20% or more of battery power remains, the LED light shines green. When the batteries reach less than 20% power left, the LED turns red. This is wonderful for knowing when to replace the batteries, or at least have another set handy. 

I was very impressed with the power of the flashlight, and when you add in the small size, it is extremely impressive! This doesn't show the full effect, but check this out:

One of my readers will receive a Dorcy 41-4297 LED Flashlight!!

Dermagist Skin Care Review and Giveaway!!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Dermagist, a skin care company, about possibly reviewing some of their products. I love finding new ways to care for my skin, so I checked out the website and responded with a prompt yes! 

I chose the Complete Rejuvenation System for my review. This is a 3-piece set that includes some of Dermagist's top products; the Dynamic Age Defying Serum, Instant Effect Lifting Serum, and 1 Original Smoothing Cream. The set also came with an instruction sheet, detailing the proper use of the products for the maximum benefits possible. 

My favorite part of the system is the Instant Effect Lifting Serum. This is very lightweight, so even in the summer heat, it's not bothersome or heavy. And it's not at all oily, which is one of my first concerns when using facial serums. This serum actually provides dual results. First, the instant tightening of the skin-without that stretched, taut feeling-and secondly, it also contains ingredients that helps smooth wrinkles and lines long term. 

The Dynamic Age Defying Serum has a creamier texture, yet still keeps that light serum. This targets more than just wrinkles, and helps combat redness, dark spots, and large pores. It's basically a one-step facial rejuvenator!
The Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a rich cream that really packs a moisturizing punch! This is a very luxurious product, that really helps your skin look it's best.

Dermagist is giving one of my readers a product or system of their choice!!

Music For Monday-Thank The Lord

I love starting Mondays off right-it seems to set the tone for my whole week! This morning I was able to get off on the right foot with a 2-mile aerobic walk before diving in to the normal Monday routine. Honestly, what I love about my early morning walks is being alone-before many people are even up-and listening to my iPod, set to my favorite playlist. I recently added a new song to this playlist, a brand new release from Tribute Quartet's Our Anthem album, called Thank The Lord.

Thank The Lord is a wonderful reminder about all we have to be thankful for, and a great way to start the week! It's a great quartet song with a somewhat upbeat tempo, so it helps get you moving for a nice brisk walk too! If you think you're having a bad day, or everything seems to be going wrong-just remember all you have been blessed with! 

I want to thank the Lord for what He's done for me
He came along in time to set this sinner free
I'll praise Him with an anthem that I'll sing eternally
I want to thank the Lord for what He's done for me

You can download this song, or the entire Our Anthem album at Crossroads Music!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

myCharge Power Bank Portable Battery Review!!

How many of you have ever been in the middle of a phone call, and had your battery suddenly die? Or maybe you're listening to your favorite playlist on your iPod Touch, and are interrupted by complete silence, and a flashing battery sign? Sound familiar? While I try to keep all my devices charged, sometimes the unavoidable happens, and I end up with a dead phone, iPod, etc. Well, that won't be a problem any more, because I discovered myCharge, a rechargeable power bank for almost any tech device!

I received a Trek2000 and Voyage1000 from myCharge for review. The Voyage1000 will charge Android or Blackberry devices, as well as most others that are powered by a micro-USB. The charging cord is built in, so you don't have to fuss with extra cords or tips to bring along. I like that these power banks come charged and ready to use. This is a super small piece of equipment, about the size of a small cellphone, and pretty thin and light. Basically, it can be tucked into your purse, bag, or even pocket and you'll never even notice it's there. The Voyage1000 will charge/power your device for right about 4 hours of talk time/. Oh, and when your power bank runs out of power, it's a simple matter to plug into your computer and recharge for another use! This is the ultimate must-have for anyone who talks a lot, travels, or just gets a lot of use from their device!

The Trek2000 is, as you probably guessed, a larger power bank. Not much larger in size, but it over doubles the talk time, allowing you to power your device for up to 9 hours of talk time. This power bank is also an upgrade in that while it includes the built-in micro-USB cord, it also features a built-in dock! The dock charges Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch (4th gen), iPod classic, and more. You can actually charge your iPod and another device at the same time, via the micro-USB cord! Again, this can be recharged through your computer, using the built-in USB cord. Both of the power banks also feature a carry strap, to make it easy to bring along on any trip.

Honestly, I have to say these are some of the most ingenious little things I've ever seen. We all get frustrated at times with how quickly our phones eat up the battery life, so why not pick up a myCharge Power Bank and never worry about it again? myCharge is available for a variety of devices, and in a range of size/power. 

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the myCharge website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess What Staples Sent Me?!!

Hey, did you know that Staples sells a wide range of electronics? Nor just printers and basic office supplies, but really a full selection of electronics-from computers and laptops to cameras and camcorders, music players, speakers and docking systems...the list goes on and on! Recently I was given the opportunity to choose an electronic for review from Staples online store. Believe me when I say it took a few hours to decide. I am the kind of person that muses and ponders, then deliberates some more before finally reaching a decision. 

My order was sent in over the weekend, so my new electronic gadget shipped the following Monday. Imagine my surprise when the very next day, a nice brown box was delivered to my door :)

That is absolutely the fastest shipping I've ever seen! Needless to say I wasted no time in opening the box and trying out my new electronic. Oh, you're wondering just what exactly was inside the box? Here it is-a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!!

Definitely the nicest package I've had arrive at my door in a while! I took my time perusing the contents of the box. As with most electronics, I had to charge the tablet before use, so I plugged it right in. Charging didn't take long, so I was soon deep into the world (or would that be galaxy? :) of the Samsung Tablet!
I really have had no experience with tablets (I've used my brother's iPad a couple times) so I have really enjoyed getting to know the features available. The tablet has 8GB built-in memory, and a microSD slot on the side so you can raise the storage space! I haven't needed this yet, but I am sure it won't take long for me to fill 8GB with apps, music and videos.

Speaking of apps, I was amazed at the wealth of options out there! Whether it's a game, social networking, or tool, you can find not just one, but multiple apps for it! I downloaded chess and that is my most-used game thus far. 

The Samsung Galaxy is useful for more than just games, however. The calendar allows me to keep track of important dates, meetings and appointments. I can utilize the Maps feature to plan a road trip, or check the weather forecast for the weekend. 

I was also surprised by the tablet's camera. In spite of being only 3MP, it takes really decent pictures. It's nice to have the ability to capture a shot whenever necessary. The tablet also has a built-in front-facing camera, so you can video chat with friends as well.
Quite honestly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has quickly become my organizer, schedule-keeper, GPS, media library, and chess rival :) I'm still learning other uses, such as the movie maker, and enjoying some social fun apps I didn't have access to previously, such as Socialcam and Instagram.

Are you shopping for some new electronic? Maybe a laptop for back-to-school, or a smartphone so you can stay connected? Or maybe you just need a tablet so you can enjoy all the features I've become acquainted with recently! Whatever you're looking for, you should check out Staples today! After my experience, I can certainly say that the Staples logo- "That was easy"-is certainly true!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Staples website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Not Rent College Textbooks?

How many of you are headed back to college, or have kids headed off to campus?  College education can get expensive, and cutting costs wherever possible is a priority for many students. One way to do this is by renting your college textbooks. Yes, you read that correctly-you can actually rent textbooks and save a good amount of money, rather than paying out big bucks on a book you won't have any use for in a year! One site I found that offers textbook rentals at very reasonable prices is CampusBookRentals.com

Just for fun I did some browsing and noted the price difference of renting versus buying. Since music is something I have studied (and continue to study) I took my search to the music theory books. The selection ranges from beginner books (Complete Idiot's Guide, etc.) to more advanced studies. For an example of the price, you can rent the Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory for an entire semester for just $33.41.

So, if you or a family member are on your way to college this fall, you really should consider the many benefits of renting your textbooks. CampusBookRentals.com offers books at 40-90% off of retail book prices. You also get free shipping both ways-so there's no hidden costs there! You're even able to highlight in the books you rent, and the rental dates are flexible; you can choose to borrow the book for a semester, quarter, or summer. Or, if you have a particular time frame, you can choose your own dates. And, with each book you rent, CampusBookRentals.com donates to Operation Smile, an organization that performs cleft lip surgeries on children that couldn't afford it otherwise! So what are you waiting for? Go start renting, reading and learning!

How Does It Work?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mobile Fun Tech Gear Review!!

Hey all, I have to share this with you! I recently got a new smartphone (more on that in another post) and needless to say, my first thought was protecting the phone from daily wear and tear. Not to mention protection from those common accidents! I'm extremely protective of any techie piece I own, from my MacBook to my camcorder, tablet, phone...you get the idea. Anyways, while browsing for some accessories, I stumbled onto a store called Mobile Fun. Mobile Fun is an online superstore for tech gear-no matter what your electronic toy of choice, you can find some awesome accessories and necessities at MobileFun!

I received the Otterbox Defenders Series Case for Nokia Lumia 900 (my new phone). Before I get to my review of the actual phone cover, let me just tell you how amazing the service is at Mobile Fun. My order was placed on a Wednesday, and the case arrived at my front door that Friday! Seriously, that is super-fast! Now, what makes it really impressive? MobileFun is located in the UK! 2-day shipping from the UK, and I am immediately impressed! 

When I opened the case, I was surprised at how strong the piece looked. I now understand why this is the Defenders Series! The case is actually comprised of 3 separate pieces. One aspect that stood out right away was the touchscreen cover. Instead of leaving the face open, or requiring an extra screen protector, this case features a built-in cover! It's made of a hard clear plastic that still allows you all the touchscreen use, but protects it from dings, oil, dirt...and does it better than a stick-on screen sheet!

Another piece fits around the back, so your phone is completely encased, protecting from every possible accident. The back does have an opening so you can use the camera.
Once the case is on, yo can either carry as-is in your purse, pocket, etc. Or, take advantage of the holster piece, which clips onto your belt or waistband. The phone snaps in and out of here, so you can carry it securely. This is seriously the best phone case I have ever seen!

If you need a case, bag, charger or other accessory for any electronic, be sure to check out Mobile Fun today. Whether you have a phone, tablet, Apple device, Xbox, eReader or some other piece, you can find what you need at Mobile Fun!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the MobileFun website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Shopping For Eyeglasses?

While I personally don't wear eyeglasses, several of our family members do. I remember when M, the youngest, first learned she needed reading glasses, and we were amazed at the expense! It wasn't long after that when I discovered that you could buy glasses online

One company I discovered is GlassesUSA.com This company offers mens and womens glasses at very reasonable prices. You can even purchase prescription sunglasses through GlassesUSA! It's very easy to shop this site. Simply choose your favorite frame (although this could take a while; the selection is almost endless, and you're sure to find multiple favorites). After selecting your frame, you can enter your eyeglasses prescription to get the perfect lens. 

One aspect of GlassesUSA I thought was neat (and unique; I don't think I've seen this on other eyeglass sites I've looked at) is the virtual mirror! This enables you to actually upload a picture of yourself (or take one with your webcam) and literally "try on" the different glasses. This ensures you end up with a pair of eyeglasses that you actually like! It makes it so easy to find that perfect frame. I actually tried the Virtual Mirror out just to see what I'd look like wearing glasses! Check it out:

Not bad, huh?
GlassesUSA is running some nice discounts right now, so if you are shopping for eyeglasses, you might want to take advantage of these. You can get 15% off your entire order amount (as long as it's over $50.00), AND free shipping, with the code FS15. Or, take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with the code Blog10. Head over and start shopping...and be sure to try out the Virtual Mirror while you're there!

netTALK Duo Wifi Review and Giveaway!!

Would you like to save some money on long distance phone calls? How about having the ability to make phone calls absolutely FREE anywhere in the US and Canada? Sounds good, right? Then let me introduce you to the netTALK Duo Wifi!

I received a netTALK Duo Wifi for review, and I was very excited about it. Although I don't make an abundance of long-distance calls, I do have friends who live in various parts of the country, and we like to keep in touch. I was very impressed with how easy the DUO was to get set up. You have a couple different options for set up, and can either run the Duo through your router, phone, or USB cable to your computer. You are then guided through all the necessary steps; getting a phone number, etc. Power can be brought to the Duo via your computer, or an electrical outlet. Once you're plugged in and set up with a number, it's super easy to make and receive phone calls!

One thing I had been concerned about was the quality and clarity of calls via the Duo. This was an unnecessary concern though, because the netTALK Duo gives you crystal clear connection and sound! Way better than I expected! One other aspect I really like is the videophone app, so you can make video calls with the Duo as well. The netTALK Duo is certainly a handy piece of equipment!

One of my readers will receive a netTALK Duo Wifi!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

RejuvaSea Skin Nutrition Review!!

I think it's safe to say that most women and girls, from pre-teen up, have a skincare routine that they follow. I started actually taking care of my skin (you know, more than just water and a washcloth) when I hit about 13, and since then my routine has changed more than once. Some products work better than others, some don't work at all. Of course, in the skincare market, finding products that are actually good for your skin is difficult. That's why I was excited when I had the opportunity to review RejuvaSea!

More than just skincare, what caught my eye with RejuvaSea was their slogan-Complete Skin Nutrition System. I am well acquainted with products that cleanse or moisturize, but skin nutrition is something you don't hear much about! The Complete System is a simple 3-step routine that helps your skin look and feel it's best. Step 1 is the Exfoliating Cleanser. This is a gentle cleanser that contains  smooth beads to exfoliate without stripping your skin. I really like how this washes away the dirt, oil and dead skin, leaving my face smooth and fresh.

Step 2 is a Firming Serum. Perfect for anyone who wants smoother skin, even skin tone, and an overall younger appearance. This helps improve skin clarity, increase firmness, and reduce those fine lines. It's not oily or greasy, and is a very lightweight product.

The Firming Serum

Step 3 is the 2-Minute Eye Lift that is, quite honestly, one of the only eye products I've actually seen results with! This provides a refreshing treatment for the delicate skin under your eyes. Within a couple minutes of application, your skin is smoother and brighter, helping you feel and look better!

You can purchase the RejuvaSea Complete Skin Nutrition System for just $39.00 right now-regular price is $99.00, so take advantage of the sale while you can!

"After years of research, scientists from the top marine research institutes in Europe discovered RéjuvaPlankton in a remote ecological preserve in Spain known as Veta la Palma. This powerful ocean-based anti-oxidant was found to have extraordinary benefits for human skin cells, including stimulating collagen production, increasing mitochondrial metabolism (crucial to healthy skin cells), and inhibiting melanin secretion (reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation which allows for more even skin tones)."

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the RejuvaSea website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Discount Codes for eShakti Custom Clothing!

Hey all, a couple years ago I reviewed a piece of clothing from eShakti-an online site that offers customizable clothing. Not personalized, we're talking custom-you decide short sleeves, long or elbow sleeve style. Want that skirt ankle length? No problem, just request in when you order! Anyways, eShakti is offering my readers 10% off their next order, through August 31. Simply enter XN22MAN during checkout! This code can be used in addition to the other offers on their site as well, so you can get even more savings if you shop soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bioken Frizz Free Shampoo Review and Giveaway!

Some of you might remember last year when I shared my experience with Bioken Hair Care products-I absolutely fell in love with them! When I learned that Bioken recently came out with a new product that sounded like just what I needed-Bioken Enfanti Frizz Free Shampoo! I'm sure most people have some trouble with frizz, but at times I feel like it's a constant battle!

I was anxious to try this out and see the results, so I wasted no time in using it. As I expected with a Bioken product, this shampoo lathered up very nicely. A small amount goes a long way here! It's a very rich lather, and I love the scent. A light, pleasant fragrance that isn't overpowering. It rinsed out easily, leaving my hair clean. The real test, however, was how my hair responded after drying. I followed my usual routine of just air-drying my hair, and a couple hours later I was impressed! I'd say the frizz factor on my hair was reduced by at least half! I used a leave-in conditioner and a styling cream, but those are products I use daily, so I can say for sure that the shampoo is what made the difference! Obviously one day isn't enough to base an opinion on, but I have been using this shampoo for a couple weeks now, and the results are the same. Once again, Bioken has produced an amazing hair care product!

Bioken is giving away a bottle of Bioken Enfanti Frizz Free Shampoo!

Nancy Drew: Tomb Of The Lost Queen PC Game Review!!

Our family (well, at least all the girls in our family) love playing the Nancy Drew computer games. Since the first one came out, we've been hooked! Now each time a new game is released, it means only one thing-Girls Night every evening until we complete the game! Back in May a new game released called Nancy Drew: Tomb of The Lost Queen, so as usual, it meant a series of Girls Nights!
I was able to download the game, and we wasted no time diving into the mystery. This mystery is set in Egypt, where you, as Nancy Drew, are undercover as a student archaeologist! On the very day you arrive, the professor leading the dig is injured, and flown out to a hospital-leaving you to deal with mystery and danger by yourself! As with all the Nancy drew mystery games, Tomb of The Lost Queen challenges you with puzzles, codes, and other fun experiences. Trying to stay safe while digging up secrets about the other team members isn't always easy, so Nancy must stay on her toes at all times! 

After playing so many Nancy Drew games, I have gotten to where I can usually tell who the "bad guy" is. It took a little longer with Tomb of The Lost Queen, and even though I was correct, there was still a twist I didn't expect! Overall, I really liked the newest release in the Nancy Drew games. There was more danger that has been missing from a few of the more recent games, and while the puzzles were challenging, they weren't impossible. It really kept everyone's attention (even the 11 year old), and we had a lot of fun solving the mystery and learning some history at the same time!

You can learn more about the game, or purchase Nancy Drew Tomb Of The Lost Queen online at Her Interactive.

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review; I did receive product for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine; all quotes taken from the Her Interactive website. I was not required to post favorably about the product or company.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Qdoba Mexican Grill Review and Giveaway!!

How many of you like Mexican food? Around our home, it's not just a "like"-it's a LOVE! Every one of us loves Mexican, and it's easily our first choice when dining out. When I was given the opportunity to "review" our nearby Qdoba Mexican Grill, the only question was who to bring with me! 

C and I ended up going to Qdoba by ourselves one afternoon when the rest of the family was busy. The restaurant sits back in a plaza, and it was nice and quiet when we walked in. (We soon learned we were just ahead of the lunch rush, because soon the place was packed!). 

This was my first time in quite a while to eat at Qdoba, so we both took a few minutes to check out the menu. Everything sounded so good that we had a hard time deciding what to eat! I finally settled on the Queso Burrito with Chicken, and C ordered a Fajita Ranchera Burrito. I was very pleased to be able to get my Queso Burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. Most Mexican restaurants don't offer this, but I love whole wheat tortillas! This was just the first step in choices though, and I was able to completely customize my burrito! It's like a Mexican Subway, as you watch the employees create your burrito right in front of you! You can personalize your entree with black beans, pinto beans, lime-cilantro rice, pico de gallo, roasted chile corn, salsa verde, lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese, grilled vegetables, and much more! I only added a few items to my burrito, and I could not believe how big it was! C, however, was a little more adventurous, and added several toppings and extras. The employee literally could barely get her tortilla to close! Check this out:

We wasted no time digging into the burritos, and we were not disappointed. My Queso Burrito features (you guessed it) Qdoba's signature Queso, which is absolutely delicious! Very rich and creamy, it is the perfect addition to a burrito. The black beans and rice were very tasty. I was extremely impressed with the overall fresh quality of the food. Mexican food tastes so much better fresh! Oh, and I actually had to eat my burrito with a fork, as it was too big to fit in my mouth :)

C really enjoyed her Fajita Ranchera Burrito as well. She had hers made with chicken, pinto beans, cilantro-lime rice, as well as some of the other add-ins. This signature entree features a sauce with tomatoes, onions, poblano peppers, garlic and spices that C really liked. 

That burrito just wouldn't stay closed!
C and I both had leftovers, which we brought home and finished off that evening. No, we didn't even share our leftovers! So, after my first trip back to Qdoba in probably months, I am wondering how it has taken me so long to go back! The food is delicious and fresh, so what's not to like? I will definitely not be waiting months to eat at Qdoba again!

One of my readers will receive a card good for 3 Free Entrees at Qdoba!!