Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer = Sandals!

Let's discuss summer fashion. As you may already know, my favorite summer wear usually includes a maxi skirt, and a lightweight, cotton shirt. But what about footwear? I have to admit, I used to not wear sandals at all. My only concession to summer was wearing sneakers with mesh uppers. A couple years ago though, I tried on a pair of sandals, and realized how foolish it was to miss out on the cool comfort they provided. I actually need to shop for a new pair, because all I have right now are some sandals I picked up at a local department store...they work, but I'd like something a little more fashionable. I've been researching online, and one company I found that offers some really stylish sandals is

Havaianas has some really great sandals, but after browsing the womens sandals here, it didn't take long for me to find my favorite pair. Check out these Slim Season sandals-aren't they perfect?!

I would so love to match these with a chocolate brown maxi skirt and a pink top, for a stylish, cool summer outfit!
Needless to say, I added these to my online wish list, so maybe a family member will take the hint :)

I also took some time to research the Havaianas company. I have of course heard of Havaianas before, but I never realized just how popular they are. Did you know that Havaianas sandals were born back in 1962? Styled after the Zori, typical Japanese sandals, the Havaianas have increased in popularity ever since. You can always tell Havaianas by the textured rice pattern on the foot bed, as a nod to their Japanese inspiration!

Did you know these sandals are so popular you can even find Havaianas on Pinterest? No, really! Whether you want to check out ideas for incorporating Havaianas sandals into your wedding, or just need a new summer fashion statement, you can find all kinds of Havaianas ideas on Pinterest!


  1. Great Review! in fact so good that I went and looked around, they have a lot of cute sandals, the pair you show here would be one of my favorites, they are very pretty! I think the Baby Havaianas and they are super cute!

  2. I have not heard of Havaianas sandals before, but these really are pretty and attractive sandals. I do not own too many, but I know I would like these. They do look comfortable also.
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