Monday, July 23, 2012

Music For Mondays-Worthy The Lamb Is He

Okay, so I've missed quite a few installations in Music For Mondays, I know! I can't remember ever having a busier summer. Trying to keep up with reviews and giveaways has been hard enough, let alone my "extra" posts! Anyways, I am officially restarting this series, because I enjoy it, and if it encourages even one of my readers, it's worth it. 

Today's featured song is a new one called Worthy The Lamb Is He, sung by Soul'd Out Quartet. This is a flat out praise song (not the style, but the lyrics). Rarely does a song catch my attention like this one did. Many songs include words that praise the Lord, but this entire song is nothing but worship and adoration! If your week is starting out bad, or you just need an encouraging touch, then I suggest you listen to Worthy The Lamb Is He. It will help you realize how blessed we truly are, and help you praise the Lord no matter what your circumstances!

"He is worthy, He is holy
Lion of Judah 
Root of David, King of Kings
He is worthy to receive all glory
Honor, power, might, to Him be
Worthy the Lamb is He"

You can download this song (or purchase the entire album, What The World Doesn't Know), at Crossroads Music!

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