Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virginia Beach "Love The Moment"! with SocialMoms

I can't believe it's already May, and we're quickly looking ahead to summer vacation. The normal questions arise, such as where will we go, what to do, and how long to stay. While researching places to visit, Virginia Beach was one area that kept popping up. It's quite a drive from where we live now, but many years ago we did actually visit the Chesapeake Bay area, and really enjoyed it. So, the thought of revisiting Virginia Beach sounds lovely, and I came up with a vacation plan-just in case we could pull it off!

The VB area is packed with hotels to make your stay restful and fun, and the Visitors Bureau has a guide to hotels, condos, and rental homes to make your search for lodging as easy as possible. There are quite a good number of brand-name hotels, as well as lovely local lodging options. While I usually go for the regular names (Choice Hotels or La Quinta), for a homey, quaint touch, I think while visiting VB I'd choose one of the local options.

Planning things to do and places to visit during the day was the most fun part of my dream vacation :) First of all, I checked out the Cape Henry Lighthouses. This is definitely something I want to see if/when we visit! 

And, since that wouldn't take all day, I'd throw in a stop at the Old Coast Guard Station. I would love to see history in this museum, and take a turn at the interactive tower camera, that gives visitors the ability to watch vessels entering the port.

The Virginia Aquarium is a no-brainer when planning vacation at VB. Who doesn't love seeing sharks, dolphins, seals and rays up close?! This would probably turn in to an all-day tour, and is one that both adults and children alike would enjoy. 

I'd also like to take advantage of the outdoor fun at Virginia Beach. Canoeing or kayaking, birding trails, hiking, and sailing are just a few of the outdoor options that VB has to offer.

While on vacation of course eating is also an important aspect to consider. So, I was pleased to see that VB has plenty of variety! From old favorites like Golden Corral to local gems like Alexander's On The Bay, which offers fine dining with a view of the bay, your dining choices are practically endless!

Yes, after much research, I am pretty sure that Virginia Beach would make a great family vacation site. Now to convince the rest of the family! If you've ever visited Virginia Beach, and have any tips or ideas, please share them with me! And if I've encouraged you to think about visiting, check out the Visit Virginia Beach website for more information.

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