Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Water Heater Troubles

Many years ago when I was about 11 or 12, we had water heater problems. We lived in a mobile home at the time, and for some reason the water heater was located underneath the home, all the way at the back. When our water heater suddenly cut out, we realized someone needed to go under and try restarting the heater, as the manual suggested. Guess who got stuck with the job? You guessed it-me! It was much easier for me to crawl under rather than my Dad, and my sister didn't like the idea of getting up close and personal with any bugs residing there :)

Of course, the only way under was at the front of the home, and I had to crawl all the way to the back. So, I grabbed a flashlight, and started under. It really wasn't all that difficult, and surprisingly, there weren't many little creatures (good thing, as I HATE cockroaches)! One thing that made it a little easier was bringing along my dog, Toby. A sheltie mix, I had taught him various tricks. One of these included crawling on command, so he had no trouble sliding along on his stomach next to me. Once we reached the heater it was an easy fix, simply flipping the switch that had shut off. That restarted it, and we had hot water for several days. Until the water heater shut off again. For the next few weeks, I crawled under the home every few days, to ensure we had hot water. Needless to say, this soon got old, and we realized that it was time to get a water heater replacement. Thankfully, this time we got it installed in an easier to reach location!

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  1. Oh gosh, the idea of having to go under a mobile home makes my skin crawl. To think of what else is under there besides you---Ach!
    Danielle S

  2. What a mess. Plumbing problems are terrible. We once had septic tank disaster in our house, what a horrible thing that is.

  3. Good for you, I dont think I could have crawled under the house. I so get taking the dog with you, we has a black lab and every time I would go outside after dark to take the trash I would get her so it was a little less creepy.