Monday, April 16, 2012

Music For Monday-Maker Of The Rain

Today's "Music for Monday", although it's a few hours later than I had planned, has a wonderful message. Not too long ago my brother picked up a cd to try out. We had heard of the group before, but never listened to them. There were a few songs on the cd that we really liked, but one in particular became an instant favorite. As a matter of fact, when we hit this song on the cd, it gets replayed usually at least 3 times before moving on to the rest of the songs! 

The song is called Maker of The Rain, and has a very simple, yet needed message. When it seems like everything that can possibly go wrong in your life has, and when you feel like you're all alone, remember that God hasn't left you. If you are His child, then you're not struggling through life alone. You have the Maker of the rain with you, and He will not allow you to carry more than you can bear! I suggest you listen to/buy the whole song (available at Crossroads Music), but here's the chorus for you to enjoy:

Sometimes it rains, and we're caught outside
There's no shelter around and we ask God why
We look up and cry where are you now?
Then He softly says I'll always be the same
Just remember He's the Maker of the rain

This is a message that all believers need to remember, and hold on to when it seems like everything is against us.

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